In 2014 I vow to…

Monday, 30 December 2013 | Tags: , , , ,

Most New Year’s resolutions are bound to fail, right? So this year, I’m setting my goals low, really low. Surely I’ll be able to achieve at least a few of the things on my list.

  1. Eat something green, yellow and orange every day.  Gummy bears count.
  2. Cut back on swearing at fellow drivers. Only three “f$*% you, you a@@h#^!” allowed every day
  3. Be more zen in yoga by focusing less on trying to impress hot yoga teacher and more on charka thingys. 
  4. Use up lip-gloss tube before buying new one.
  5. Don’t drink any more. Don’t drink any less either.  Consistency is key to, um, being consistent.
  6. Stop tempting the cosmic muffin by treating the near empty gas gauge as an exciting risk-taking adventure.
  7. Lose 20 pounds. Meaning, lose and gain the same four pounds 5X this year.  That way I’ll end up in a net negative position. Which is actually a positive.
  8. Spend less time monitoring social media and more time watching good old fashioned TV.
  9. Buy fewer clothes.  No wait, cross that one out, that’s just crazy talk.
  10. Try to make at least one person smile every day. 

Happy New Year everyone! 

Top photo: Olivia Louisa

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  • HeyMikeBrown

    Good effing luck on #2. You’re a day early on #10.