Instant Rice

Sunday, 9 November 2008 | Tags:

With all the convenience food available, instant rice tops the list for fast and easy. We find out more about this quick meal.

The Basics

  • Instant rice is basically rice that has already been cooked, and then dehydrated. The advantage is that it’s fast to cook (about 5 minutes) but it comes at a higher price.

  • The processing of instant rice also robs it of nutrients and flavour, so manufacturers compensate by adding salt and spice.

  • Always store instant rice in a dry area, away from moisture or humidity. If the dehydrated grains absorb moisture, it could spoil the box.

Cooking Tips

  • Instant rice can often be added directly to homemade soups or other recipes, instead of being cooked in a separate pot and added later like traditional rice.


We feel that the convenience of instant rice is outweighed by the loss in nutritional benefits. Cooking regular rice takes only 15-20 minutes longer. Just be sure to follow the directions on the package because some kinds require different preparation techniques. Plus, consider investing in a good rice cooker if you are a frequent rice eater. Your rice will always turn out perfect, and will b kept warm long enough for seconds (and thirds…)!

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