Lashes gone wild

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I'm typically one of the first to jump on the latest beauty trend. Ombre hair colour? Did that (bad idea). Shellac? Check. (Not good for me on hands, but excellent on toes. Especially for a beach vacay.) And over the last couple of years, I, along with so many other women of all ages have become obsessed with my eyelashes. So I'm not sure how I missed this whole "lash dip" thing...

It’s a semi-permanent cosmetic process whereby a technician applies several coats of the hypoallergenic product to lashes, and basically sculpts them into place.  It’s waterproof and requires about as much care as lash extensions. That is, you can’t get them wet for the first day (lash extensions should stay dry for the first two days) and they’ll stay in place better if you don’t sleep on your face.  

And like extensions, LashDip promises to lengthen, darken and thicken.  The last two are areas I really need help with. LashDip promises to last for up to 4 weeks before you have to return for a touch up.  Sounds perfect for someone who wants low maintenance, gorgeous lashes.  That’s me. I was too afraid to try Latisse (the side effects cite the slim possibility of brown spots appearing on blue eyes) and I was tired of spending money on extensions that were less-than-perfect.

A new set of extensions costs around $150. (Or up to $350 if you want a super star set!)  After convincing the technician to use brown mid-length extensions to create a more natural look, I did like the result.  

The problem for me is that I find they only looked great for about a week.  Then they started to look ratty and unruly.  That’s when I would obsess over picking at them.  And of course I was concerned about the lasting effects on my own lashes.  I was done with extensions.

I was shocked to discover LashDip online.  It’s already been around for a couple of years and sounded like a great alternative.  I rushed to the only shop in town I could find that offers the service – perhaps this should have been an indicator of the result – and got comfy on the couch.

The result?  It looked like I was wearing a lot of mascara. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I did not find this process made my lashes look any thicker.  I had spider legs on my eyes.  Ten days later it looked like I hadn’t taken off my mascara after that night I put on too much and stayed out all night.  And that they are sculpted into place is not a good thing after day 1.  Talk about lashes gone wild.  This process is no cheaper than lash extensions, and definitely not any better.


LashDip: before (L) and after (R)

After talking to my doctor, I finally gave in to Latisse.  We have a winner!  My lashes are long, a littler thicker than before, although not any darker.  Kristina tells me hers got darker over time.  Best of all, I don’t look like I have old flaky mascara clumping my lashes together.  I can rub my eyes and my lashes look natural.


After 8 weeks of Latisse (no mascara!)

The thing about trends is, once something is trendy, it tends not to be “in” anymore.  While I’ll continue to use Latisse off and on, I think we’ve all gone a little nuts with the lash thing.  I fully expect fall fashion shows to have lash-less models strutting down the runway.



Top photo: Lucy Suzy/flickr

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  • Erin Frew

    I am curious to try Indeed Labs “Peptalash”. It’s a product that promises to lengthen, thicken and darken lashes. You can buy it at Shopper’s Drug Mart.