Lead me down the garden path

Monday, 22 April 2013

Walking Ruby day in and day out gives me a lot of time to peruse my surroundings. Lately, I've been taking pleasure in the pride my neighbours have in their homes. Coupled with Vancouver's lush greenery and spring's flower power, there's a whole lot of curb appeal going on. Here are a few of my favourites from the 'hood, inspiring me to head out into the garden and spruce up my own surroundings.

Top photo: I’ve always had a thing for red doors. I love how the colour is picked up again in the garden with the red tulips.



Mauve may not be my colour of choice for a home’s exterior, but with the beautiful purple heather in the front yard, I have to say, it kind of works!



The landscaping here is pretty simple. But a pop of colour, like the pot of yellow flowers on the landing, takes things up a notch.


kristina-palm trees

I’m not usually a fan of palm trees in places that are less-than-tropical, but with this style of house, it works.



There is something to be said for neat and tidy. The landscaping here really compliments the bungalow.



I love the walkway leading up to the house. It gives a sense of grandeur.



This driftwood adds some unique visual interest to the flowerbed. I’ll have to go beach combing!



This gorgeous mirror elevates the garage from boring to bold.  Me want!



Now that’s adorable lawn furniture. I like a touch of whimsy now and again.



I love me some well-manicured shrubbery.



I call this “a heck of a lot of work!” But it’s wonderful that the rest of us get to enjoy the fruits of their labour.



This garden is more in the English style; controlled chaos. Beautiful if you have a green thumb! 

Have some gardening pics to share? I’d love some additional inspiration!

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  • Dolly

    Kristina, you have chosen some beautiful homes

    • annaandkristina

      Thanks Dolly! They did all the work. 😉

  • Liette Perron

    Hi There! I moved from Vancouver back to my native Quebec 12 years ago this very day, April 24th! We drove across the country (with the dog) and got to see the weather changes from province to province! Yes, we left the lush greenery of the Fraser Valley and got hit by snow storms and generally yucky weather and once arrived, had to wait another whole 3 weeks for Spring to Spring. Once Spring did truly arrive, it was gorgeous! The tulip festival in Ottawa is amazing!

    So I don’t have any pictures to share right now as all of this is a couple of weeks away. The snow has just melted and we have cleaned up the pine tree branches that have fallen during the winter. Our town has organized a branch pickup starting next week and as I drive around, it looks like the town was attacked by a bunch of rabid beavers. Everyone has a 4 foot high by 15 foot wide pile of pine branches at the corner of their lot. As I’ve bought a few houses now, this is some of my wisdom that I can share. Pine trees are nice but not strong. They are soft wood and will drop their branches onto power lines and knock out power at the slightest wind storm. Plus the pine needles are acidic and drop to the ground and kill everything underneath. Pine trees are a pain. I have about 40 of them on my lot. When we bought this house, my son said it was like living in a campsite : )

    What i learned about buying a house in BC… living on the side of a mountain while providing a GREAT view, is a pain. We had a mudslide caused by the builder higher up and playing ball involved a lot of chasing the ball all of the way down to the bottom of the street.

    But I digress. As I sit, procrastinating getting my day really started, I see my neighbor’s tulips just about to bloom…maybe another week. My front yard is not facing the sun so it’s another 3 weeks for me. I still have a snow bank right outside my window. But they are predicting 20 degrees today so all is not lost.

    I enjoyed your timely post as I miss BC and it’s beautiful greenery! I remember Rhododendrons and Azeleas blooming in February! Imagine that! Thanks for the trip down memory lane and sorry for the long-winded post : )

    • annaandkristina

      Thanks for reading, Liette! You bring up many good points for buying real estate. Thanks for sharing!