Lessons Learned in 2014

Tuesday, 18 November 2014 | Tags: , , , ,

I'm getting a jump on year end lists! With 2014 drawing to a close (just over 5 weeks til Christmas!!), I’ve been reflecting back on what I’ve learned in the previous 11 months and what my plans and goals are for 2015. This year has been challenging in many ways, but it was not without its rewards.

This is what I’ve learned this year so far:

1. Don’t cut back your hydrangeas too early. As the blooms age, they become even more beautiful.

2. Professionalism is a rarity. I have found that surprisingly few people do what they say they’re going to do, when they’re going to do it.   How they keep their jobs is beyond me.

3.  Red Diamond is a very tasty and well priced Chardonnay.  Just $16.99 a bottle in BC.

4.  If your e-reader falls to the bottom of the lake, all is not necessarily lost.  Dry it immediately, as best as you can. That includes using a hairdryer, the sun, the oven, whatever you can get your hands on. It may live to tell you yet another story.


This is the lake that tried to steal my ereader 

5. If you are having trouble putting the lid on your to-go coffee cup, don’t try to force it.  It may look like it’s on but it isn’t, not really.  Just choose a new lid. Otherwise things will not end well for your shirt.

6. Some of the best things that happened to me this year are as the result of trying something new.  Volunteering for example, or signing up for a new class.

7. Podcasts are an excellent way to pass the time while you are walking your dog. Try Serial, from the producers of This American Life. (And thank you Lauren for this recommendation!)

8. iMovie is surprisingly simple to learn how to use.

9. There is a super easy and kind of fun way to clean silver.

10. Good things do not come to those who wait.  Good things come to those who don’t give up.


And you dear reader? What did you learn this year?





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  • Donna

    Regarding #4 – my brother-in-law jumped into the pool this summer with his cell phone in his pocket – he thought all was lost – his carrier told him to put it in some rice, the rice would help pull out the water – it helped a bit! I think if you added it to the other options, it couldn’t hurt!