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From sexy to pretty, classic to exotic, sensual to functional, lingerie is a great way to set your mood for the day or evening. We delve into what there is to know to find the perfect undergarment for any occasion.

The Basics

  • First, familiarize yourself with the different types of garments:

    • Camisoles are short tops that offer a layer of coverage under a sheer blouse or some modesty under a deep v-neck. They were first developed in the mid-nineteenth century to be worn over a corset.

    • Corsets are short, stiff garments that lace up at the back, designed to cinch the waist and lift the breasts.

    • Slips are made from cotton, silk, nylon and other materials and provide coverage underneath a thin dress or skirt.

    • The baby doll is a short, hip-length nightgown that is matched with a panty-type bottom

    • A teddy is similar to a one-piece bathing suit; sort of a tank top and panty combo.

    • A chemise is a short nightgown made from a light flowy material.

    • A bustier is form-fitting tops that often fastens in the back and help to accentuate the bust, of course!

    • Boy shorts are tiny shorts that women wear as underwear. The leg holes are usually elastic-free.

    • The all-popular thong helps limit those dreaded panty lines. Don’t confuse it with the g-string . Thongs have more material at the back, whereas the true g-string is, well, a string.

  • Fabric can range from slinky satin to more substantial cotton, sheer to opaque, simple to fancy and frilly. Here are some things to look at when choosing fabrics:

    • Lace should be a soft quality lingerie finish. To test its quality, stretch it out of place. Good lace has a memory and will snap back into place.

    • All silk is not created equal. The quality is usually reflected in the price but any good silk will feel heavy.

    • Make sure there are no loose threads hanging off the garment. This is a sign of lower quality

    • Cotton allows the skin to breath and washes well. It is also inexpensive and good for everyday.

    • Microfibre is finer than even silk, and is breathable. Good quality fabric is of the utmost importance for both durability and feel. Microfibre provides superior texture, incredible softness and smooth fit.

    • Polyester is second only to cotton in worldwide use. It stretches and resists wrinkles while te low absorbency in fabric allows for a quick dry. However, it doesn’t breathe as well as other fabrics, so save it to wear on cooler days.

  • If you’re a lingerie novice, start at a specialty lingerie store where trained employees can help identify the best cuts and the right sizing for you.


  • As for colour choice, we did an informal poll of 100 men on the street. Red was the most popular (55 votes) followed by black (27) and white (18).

  • With women, black is still the top-seller. Nude tones offer more versatility with various wardrobe items.

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. Instead of red, try a bright pink or peach, or deep red wine. Instead of black, try out a dark blue, royal blue, or deep purple. Have fun!

Other Considerations

  • If you’re well-endowed (D-cup plus), look for a bra with under wire.
  • Bargain-hunter’s tip: if red puts you in the mood, look for red lingerie on sale after Valentine’s Day.

  • If your beau is buying, guide him to your store of choice where you can have all your measurements recorded in the store’s database to reduce the margin for error and up his chance for romance!


Lingerie is intimate and personal. Whether you want hot and sexy or pretty and luxurious (or all of the above), it’s up to you to choose what works for your taste, budget, and body type. Happy shopping!




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