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For shiny and more natural-looking lip colour, lip gloss is fast and easy to apply. We pucker up to test a few for durability and kissability.

The Basics

  • Spending more doesn’t get you a better lipstick or gloss. It’s all about finding the right shade and composition

  • Lip gloss tends to make thinner lips look bigger due to the shine.

  • Lip gloss can be applied on its own, or on top of a lipstick.

  • Think about the applicator for convenience and usability:

    • Many lip glosses use a “wand” with a sponge tip for application

    • Lip glosses in a pot require a separate lip brush, or your finger (which can be messy and unsanitary) to apply.

    • We like lip gloss can be applied straight from the tube, without the need of an applicator wand, to help avoid “contaminating” colour if you apply over lipstick.

  • Look for a lip gloss with sunscreen. These aren’t very common, however, so apply an SPF product underneath your lip gloss if you can’t find one with it in the ingredients.

  • More about lip gloss ingredients:

    • Most use a base of liquid waxes or petroleum jelly and emollients or oils

    • Some are tinted with pigments to add a hint of colour

    • Some contain moisturizers that may help keep your lips hydrated, including Vitamin E, shea butter, castor oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera

    • Different scents are available; make sure you’re agreeable to fragrance. But if it’s too yummy, you may do more harm than good by licking your lips too much and drying them out.

    • Some glosses have shimmer or glitter. This type is better left to youth as too much glitter can accentuate any wrinkles around your lips.

Other Considerations

  • To avoid hair sticking to your lips on a windy day, try the gloss on your fingers and check its stickiness. If it’s smooth, you won’t have to worry about a sticky mess.

Be Aware

  • Don’t pay more for plumping lip gloss. It doesn’t work well enough to justify the higher price. Plus, they sting, which means your skin is being irritated.

  • Avoid lip gloss with alcohol in the ingredients. It will dry your lips and mau even cause them to peel.


We glossed up along with a group of testers to see which of these products kept us smiling.

  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss: $9.49
. . Well.ca Drugstore.com
  • MAC Lipglass: $13
. . MAC
  • Lancôme Juicy Tube: $20
. . Lancome Canada icon Sephora icon
  • Laura Mercier Lip Glace: $26
. . Sephora icon

(Note: prices listed above are approximate and in Canadian dollars)

Stickiness Test

Hair and lip gloss often get stuck together so to test which one was least sticky, Anna jumped on a trampoline, hair-a-flying, to see if hair and lips could be kept separate.

  • The MAC Lipglass was as good as glue – definitely the stickiest

  • The Revlon and Lancôme were a little better.

  • But the Laura Mercier won without even grabbing a single hair.

Gloss Test

  • The Revlon had a nice texture and included glitter and sparkly effect, which was popular with our younger testers.

  • The MAC was too sticky for most of us, but it stayed on longest, with very high gloss. If you have short hair, the stickiness may not be an issue.

  • The Lancôme’s beveled applicator was a hit. It had an appealing fragrance and the perfect tint of colour

  • The Laura Mercier was the least sticky overall but had an unpleasant smell. The applicator was also unfavourable.


For glossing up our smiles, we were happiest with Lancôme Juicy Tubes. The more reasonably priced Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss came in as a close second.



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