LipoSonix Fat Reduction Treatment

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Liposuction and tummy tuck procedures are a $2 billion/year industry, but there's a new kid on the fat-reduction block hoping to take some of the market. LipoSonix is an ultrasound energy treatment said to break down fat cells and help shrink the waistline. Beauty Call volunteer Maria puts it to the test...

Treatment Summary


Marketed as a new body contouring technology and an alternative to liposuction surgery with slighter results, LipoSonix uses ultrasound energy to destroy fat cells, without harming skin above or surrounding tissue. 

It is typically used on the tummy area, and sometimes on the “love handles”, and inner and outer thighs. 

The LipoSonix company is very clear that it’s not a weight-reduction treatment because the results are too slight.

How it Works

The LipoSonix is a non-invasive procedure that does not require surgery or downtime. 

The tool emits a high-intensity ultrasound wave focused on the fatty layer of adipose tissue between the skin and muscles beneath. It’s similar to burning paper with a magnifying glass — the wave becomes critically hot at a small focal point (1cm), raising the temperature of the tissue above 70 Celcius, which essentially kills the cells. Penningtons

To avoid harming the skin or organs, the LipoSonix tool can only be used where you can pinch at least an inch of fat, which is the minimum margin. 

The dead cells and fat molecules left behind from the procedure are processed and expelled from the body through the liver.

The one-hour treatment must be performed by healthcare professionals only, and is said to provide an average 2.8 cm reduction of the waistline (equivalent to one size), which is generally seen 8-12 weeks after the treatment. This time delay is how long it takes for the liver to process all the dead cell debris created by the ultrasound.

Commitment Required

A one-hour appointment, and 8-12 weeks of wait time.


The average treatment costs between $1700-1900, depending on the exact characteristics.

Safety and Side Effects

LipoSonix is not for patients with a Body Mass Index (BMI) greater than 30, nor for areas with too little fat (less than 1 cm). It is also not to be performed on people with bleeding disorders, on blood thinners, who have had surgery in the treatment area, who have cancer, who have an electrical implant, or who are (or may be) pregnant.

There are no serious side effects for this procedure.


Our volunteer, Maria, a new mom, has been working hard to get rid of her baby weight. She lots 42 lbs, but is having trouble with a couple inches of stubborn jelly belly, and is a perfect candidate to try out LipoSonix.

She visited Dr. William McGillivray, cosmetic physician at Pacific DermAesthetics in Vancouver. He created a grid on Maria’s belly and applied the LipoSonix machine treatment.

Total Treatment Cost: $1800 for one session.

Overall Experience

The procedure was very quick. Maria said that as far as pain, there was a tiny bit of sting but it wasn’t unbearable.


We checked in with Maria 3 months later. She could button up her pre-pregnancy jeans and wear them comfortably now.

Maria says that, even with the cost, she felt it was worth it to get rid of that stubborn baby belly.

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