Little Black Dress

Monday, 10 November 2008

A must-have staple in any woman's closet, the Little Black Dress (or LBD) can be suitable for almost any occasion. Classic or chic, sexy or sweet, dressed up or down. We learn some secrets to finding the perfect LBD.

The Basics

  • There are styles, cuts, fits, fabrics and (depending on the designer) price tags to fit every body and budget.

  • For the most versatility, look for fabric with a matte texture. (Shiny fabric is typically reserved for evening looks.)

  • The length of a dress is a very important consideration. Again, for the most versatility, aim for about knee length, just above, or just below.

  • Take sheer black panty hose with you when shopping to help out in the dressing room. Also bring a pair of black heels if you can.

  • Here are a few tips to consider when matching style to your body shape and size:

    • Choose a style that accentuates your most positive features. Bring an honest friend shopping with you if you’re not sure what works.

    • If you’re petite or plus, shop in specialized plus or petit stores or departments. You’ll have more luck finding a dress cut right for the proportions of your body.

    • Show off your great cleavage with a V-neck or plunging neckline, especially if you’re trying to avert attention from another body part.

    • If you have wide hips or large bottom, an A-line cut or a flowing layered skirt helps camouflage.

    • Go strapless if you have great shoulders.

    • Waist detail optimizes a sexy hourglass shape.

    • Disguise un-toned arms with long sleeves or a wrap.

    • Enhance a small bust with a keyhole neckline, or show off a bare back or shoulders for a sexy look.

    • Hide heavy thighs with a full skirt.

    • Play down a large chest with a boat-neck sheath.

    • Conceal a tummy with an empire waist.

  • If you absolutely love the dress but the fit isn’t perfect, have it altered, but don’t buy more than one size up. Also remember to factor in the cost of alterations when purchasing.

Other Considerations

  • Changing your accessories can instantly transform your LBD from day to evening. The same can be accomplished by taking your makeup up a notch for a more glam look.

Be Aware

  • Don’t confuse the little black dress with an evening dress. If the fabric is shiny like satin, it’s for evening, so know its limitations. (Wearing it to church or a brunch may not be appropriate.)


It all comes down to your shape and budget – it may take a few tries to find the right LBD for you, but it should make you feel fantastic.

Our number one shopping rule: always look for a deal. It’s easy to go out and blow a bundle on some designer number, but most major cities have warehouse-type stores that sell for less, so check there first.


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