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If you want to amp up your evening look, the perfect red lip will light that fire. But for many of us, getting the right look isn't as easy as it seems. (Who's that clown lady in the mirror?) We found an article in In Style Magazine that promised a perfect red pout in four simple steps, so we put it to the test.

According to theIn Style Magazine article, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4. We followed the instructions carefully:

1. To create a flawless canvas and prevent fading, prep your pout with a creamy primer. Press the concealer-like formula into your lips to fill lines and help anchor the colour.

2. Trace your natural lip line with a clear, waxy pencil. A transparent one gives definition and protects against feathering without the risk of looking fake or severe.

3. Once you’ve found your perfect shade of crimson (crisp and blue-based for fair skin, orangey for olive, and burgundy for dark complexions), apply color directly from the tube, not with a lip brush. Press the color in with your fingertip.

4. Complete the look with glowing skin and two coats of black mascara.

When we were done, we took stock of our prepped up red pouts. To our untrained eyes, it looked ok.

However, when we puckered up for our make-up expert, Nicole Harvie, she thought the article left out a couple of critical tips, especially when it came to maintaining the longevity of your luscious red lips.

Nicole’s tips for the perfect red lips: 

1. First, apply lip balm. Let it soak in, then blot it with a tissue. You want to make sure there’s not too much balm or your lip liner will slip off.

2. Take concealer and blot with a sponge around the outside of the lip. This helps create an outline for the lip colour to stay within.

3. Take a lip liner that matches your natural skin colour and trace your natural lip line, then colour your whole lip with it.

4. Add the red lip colour using a lip brush. A brush is much more precise than using the lipstick itself and/or your fingertips.

5. Finally, apply a touch of gloss to add a little more shine.

In the end, we thought Nicole’s instructions, which were only slightly more complex than the magazine’s, gave us a much more polished look. However, the magazine’s steps also gave us a pretty good pout, so this article gets the A&K Stamp of Approval.



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