Making peace with my feet

Thursday, 25 August 2011 | Tags: , ,

Sitting at my desk, I was about to blog about my summer travels here and there, but then I looked down at my feet. I have always hated my feet. Perhaps hate is too strong a word - they do, after all, get me from here to there, and after I broke my right foot in an incident involving a horse and more than two beers, I really missed it for the 10 weeks it had to spend in a cast. I've just always thought they were ugly.

I have finger-like toes, including an exceptionally long second toe, and pale skin. Over the years, I became addicted to pedicures and nail polish in an effort to make the best of what I had been given.

I was constantly on the search for the ultimate colour; I had french-pedicured toes, red toes, black toes, and at one point, green toes (not sure why I thought that would have improved matters). I was always first in line for the new, cutting-edge Chanel colours. (Chanel makes THE best colours!) My toes were always covered in polish.

Then last winter I broke a toe in an ill-fitting ski boot. (I have broken more bones then you can imagine.) The nail turned black and fell off, and in removing my polish to examine the state of things I was shocked at how dry and disgusting my toes were. My nails were covered in white spots. Is that fungus?? Horrors!!!!!!! 

To my relief my doctor said, no, those are just really, really dry nails. With that, I have become a foot contrarian and bucked toe polish altogether. And the results have been amazing.

After 7 months I finally have healthy toes. I dare say, I even like the site of my feet. It turns out the perfect shade for me is au naturel. I’m not saying I’ll never don a perfect shade of red again, but every time I go for a pedi and I peruse the colours I just can’t find one that’s better then the pinkish hue of health.

And has anyone else experienced a dull ache after removing dark-coloured polish? I’ve asked around and no one seems to know the cause of this but clearly it has to do with the poison that is polish. (Or the remover. And I’ve tried acetone-free. Makes no difference.)

I know there are those of you out there who lose the polish as soon as summer fades to fall to allow your toes to breathe during the winter. But I suggest giving your toes some freedom while you’re still running around in flip flops. I think the sun has helped immensely in my healing process.

I’ve also discovered a couple of excellent products that have made a big difference. The first is tea tree oil. Rub a few drops into your toes’ cuticles after a shower and it’ll help relieve that dryness. It’s also said to help get rid of fungus. (But not if the fungus is bad. That’s a whole other story.)

And I discovered a buffer that makes your toenails beyond shiny. It looks like I’m wearing a coat of clear polish! The brand is “Premier by Dead Sea Premier“. Oddly I found it at the Calgary airport, but if Cowtown isn’t on your horizon, the website is www.premier-deadsea.co.il.

And it’s a relief to never have chipped nails (so unsightly) and my pedicures take less time too. No need to wait around for them to dry!




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