Men’s After Shave Balms

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Smart shopper Steve Z. shares his product reviews of a selection of after shave balms.

I always moisturize my skin after I shave my face, and I usually use the same one. Seeing as I follow your shows, I thought it was time to try my hand at my own little product review.

I thought what better than the common, but recently changing or evolving men’s after shave balm.

Men’s after shave lotions have been around almost as long as shaving, so there are many different brands to chose from. However, I have recently noticed a trend in after shave “balms” they are not a cream nor a liquid, but more of a gel in most cases, so men would feel comfortable putting something on their face as long as it wasn’t a face cream. (We all know that is reserved for women.)

I tried four different brands, and rotated them through the week so I would see the difference quickly, and I wouldn’t get use to one brand.

The four I tried were:

1) Gillette “Fusion” Hydra Soothe After Shave Balm (My favourite)
2) Gillette After Shave Gel
3) L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Sensitive Soothing After Shave Balm
4) Nivea For Men: “Cool Kick” Energizing Gel

These are all available at Safeway, and all on the same shelf.

Gillette Fusion (Cream/Foam): $5.14 for 100 ml
This is the second best of the four for the price. The scent is the strongest out of the four, and with two pumps you get lots to cover your face and neck. This one is the clear winner. At 100 ml for $5.14, it is the overall best pick for the value and my favourite.

Gillette After Shave Gel (Gel): $4.98 for 75 ml
For the money, this is a great buy. It has a stronger scent than the next two of them, however once you apply it, it’s a bit sticky on your hands, and I had to wash it off. I also found that if you mix it with a little bit of body lotion, it goes a long way.

L’Oreal Men Expert (Cream): $11.59 for 100 ml.
This is a nice smooth cream, but the scent really puts me off. It kinda smells like it’s rancid. I have tried this before a few months ago, and the scent was the same. I wouldn’t use it for that reason. Good thing as it’s also the most expensive of the four.

Nivea Cool Kick (Gel/Foam): $8.99 for 50 ml
This is a blue gel/foam. The problem with this is again, the stickiness on your hands when you are done. I had to wash my hands to get the residue off after applying. Nice scent, but not one I would purchase again.


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