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Mixed and matched with a couple of different suits, a good collection of shirts and ties allow a man to express his individuality and personality. Whether shopping for your man, with your man, or sending him off to shop on his own, remember these tips for finding the right dress shirt.

The Basics

  • The key choices you need to make are fabric and style.

  • Fabric options include natural or synthetic fibres:

    • Cotton is strong and washes well, breathes well, and looks crisp, but can wrinkle easily. Combined with synthetic, it’s more wrinkle-resistant.

    • Polyester doesn’t shrink, wrinkle or stretch, and is a good base for other blends of fibres. However, it doesn’t breathe as well as other fabric.

    • Silk is fine and seems delicate, but it’s the strongest of the natural fibres, wrinkle-resistant and holds its shape well.

    • Rayon is a synthetic, looks like silk, but it wrinkles and doesn’t hold its shape. It also doesn’t breathe as well as natural fibres.

  • A few important measurements will help you get the right fit:

    • Measure around the neck where it meets the torso.

    • Measure from the nape of the neck to the wrist, with a slightly bent arm.

  • Fit varies from brand to brand, even with the right measurements, so try it on to make sure it fits as it should.

  • The right type of collar can complement your face. Choose a wider collar for a long, narrow face and a longer collar to achieve a slimming effect for rounder, heavier faces.

  • Patterned shirts suggest a more laid back look than striped or plain ones. True blue works with almost anything and is a flattering colour for most men.

Other Considerations

  • Button-down collars are considered more of an informal look, good with a pair of jeans and a sport jacket.


We recruited some celebrity sportscasters to test these shirts on camera and during a friendly game of basketball:

  • Arrow (60/40 cotton/poly blend): $50
  • Horst (cotton/microfiber): $89
  • Hugo Boss (cotton): $165
  • Eton (cotton): $195

Dry Clean Test

We sent each shirt to a drycleaner ten times in a row to see which one maintained the a like-new look:

  • The Horst and Hugo Boss came out looking just like new.

  • The Arrow began to pucker around the buttons.

  • The cotton in the Eton shirt started to feel rough.

Style & Comfort Test

  • Our testers felt the Arrow shirt was a little stiff and heavy.

  • The Eton felt good but received less than desirable reviews from a tough critic, one of our tester’s moms. She just didn’t think it looked as good as the other options.

  • Hugo Boss scored big on fit, style and quality.

  • At just over half the price, the Horst shirt came in a close second to the Boss. It was light, looked good, and didn’t feel cheap.


The Hugo Boss won for fit, style and quality – exactly what most men look for in a shirt.


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