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To complete a more formal look, men's dress shoes are a key wardrobe piece. Though women's shoes are our passion, we had a lot to learn about the realm of men's shoes. Here's what we found out...

The Basics

  • Men’s fashion experts recommend having three basic shoe styles in the closet: a black oxford, a slip-on, and a boot.

  • A man’s feet will be happier in a leather shoe, which molds to your foot and breathes better than any other dress shoe material. Breathability is important because it ultimately cuts down on the stink factor.

  • Spending extra on well-made shoes is a good investment. The handmade quality of the shoe ensures they are built to last.

  • Men’s shoe styles don’t change as drastically as women’s, so a well-cared for pair (polished often and repaired when needed) will last a long time.

  • Stick to the “shoes must match the belt” rule.

Other Considerations

  • Men: women will notice your shoes, so pay attention to details. The right shoe completes your fashion statement and indicates your sense of style as well as your commitment to quality.


We invited some Wall Street finance execs to wear these four different brands of traditional black lace-up oxfords throughout a week of testing:

  • Ferragamo Atlas Oxfords: $470
  • Donald J. Pliner Monty Baby Calf: $260
  • Rockport Solicitor Dress Oxfords: $110
  • Wal-Mart TredSafe Executive: $24.64

Style & Comfort Test

  • The Pliners looked good but took too long to wear in, causing some discomfort.

  • Wal-Mart’s bargain pair were alright when it came to comfort, but they didn’t score well in the looks department.

  • For some testers, style and comfort awards went to the Ferragamo.

  • Others chose the Rockports, a classic comfortable shoe.


All of our testers agreed that you get what you pay for when it comes to comfort and style, but keep your eyes open for deals. The Ferragamo and Rockports were the top picks in style and comfort.


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