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If heading to the barber isn't convenient, stay well-groomed with your own at-home hair trimming products, and keep on top of your overgrowth, whether it be ears, nose, beards, sideburns or neck areas. We find out what you need to know about buying a good grooming tool.

The Basics

  • As you age, you may start noticing hair sprouting in unwanted places, like nostrils and ears.

  • Some electric shavers come with special attachments for tackling these more delicate places, or you can buy a specialized hair trimming tool.

  • Trimmers work in one of two ways, both of which are effective:

    • Some feature a rotating blade that spins in on continuous direction.

    • Others work with an oscillating blade that rotates from left to right.

  • Titanium blades may seem like the big thing in trimmers for their sharpness. Look for titanium nitrate coated steel. Unfortunately, it’s not usually something you can confirm from the label, so don’t make it a major factor in your purchase.

  • Look for a groomer with the right attachments to get the job done. Our barber expert says his main attachments are:

    • A clipper with widely-spaced teeth.

    • A clipper with closely-spaced teeth.

    • Other attachments might seem handy, but you don’t really need them.

Other Considerations

  • To get the best trim, our barber expert has these tips:

    • Trim in a well-lit area so you can clearly see what you’re doing.

    • Don’t use scissors – one wrong slip and the hair will be the least of your worries.

    • Don’t go too crazy with the trimmer when you’re first starting out. Ease into it.

    • Read the instructions first.


We recruited some self-groomed men to help us test these four groomers:

  • Emjoy (small, designed for noses, ears, and eyebrows): $17
  • Sharper Image (strictly for nose and ears): $57
  • Remington (all-in-one shaver with 5 attachments): $22
  • Conair (all-in-one shaver with 9 attachments): $35

Trim Test

  • The Sharper Image, given its limited tasks, was too big to make it a contender.

  • Emjoy’s compact size and versatility made it a possible choice if you strictly want a trimmer.

  • The Conair worked well, but 9 attachments seemed like overkill.

  • The Remington was easy to use and worked well.


The all-round versatility and ease-of-use of the Remington shaver/trimmer that made it the top pick with our male testers.


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