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Though ads for moisturizers tend to be aimed at women, men worry about their skin too and need to take care of it just as much as women do. We find out more about moisturizers made specifically for men.

The Basics

  • Knowing your skin type helps in choosing a moisturizer. To figure out your skin type, have a shower and wash your face. Wait 20 minutes and then if it feels:

    • Tight and papery, you have dry skin.

    • Oily and slick, you have oily skin.

    • Both oily and dry, you have combination skin.

    • If your skin often reacts badly (rashes or breakouts), you may have sensitive skin.

    • None of the above, you have normal skin.

  • If you’re still not sure, ask at the beauty counter. Eighty percent of men have oily type skin that is also thicker and tougher than women’s.

  • Look for moisturizers that are light and absorb easily, with ingredients like aloe vera and glycerin.

  • Oil-free products with silicone ingredients (dimethicone and cyclomethicone ) are also good for oily skin.

  • Thicker creams are generally oilier, so look for thinner consistency, water-based products.

  • Other ingredients like antioxidants (vitamin C and E) nourish and protect the skin. SPF to prevents the sun’s aging effects.

  • If you have sensitive skin, avoid products with fragrance.

Be Aware

  • Ingredients like camphor and menthol can make the product smell good but can also be an irritant.

  • Avoid mineral oils and other forms of petroleum like ingredients with the words “ethyl”, “butyl”, “methyl”, “octyl”, and “propyl”. They only increase oiliness and clog pores.


Our testers preferred a drugstore brand moisturizer by Life (Shoppers Drug Mart). It absorbs quickly, contains SPF, is fragrance-free and to top it all off, it’s inexpensive!


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