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Tuesday, 6 January 2009 | Tags: , , ,

Smart Shopper Steve R. shares his shaving cream findings, and also some helpful technique!

I’ve been shaving with a badger brush for the past few years using regular drugstore shave cream. Over the Christmas break, I decided to indulge myself and try The Art of Shaving shave cream. I searched online for a place close by that sold their products, picked up a canister of Sandalwood and gave it a go.

My thought as I was scraping my face was “why oh why hadn’t I discovered this stuff before!!” Great lather and a smooth shave. Even better, I received 2 compliments from the ladies on the smell. Guys…you have to try it!

Check out the Art of Shaving web site to see their complete line, then search for a store near you that carries them. The products are $$$, but well worth it. According to my online searches, some stores even offer free samples to take home and try. You can even find their stuff on EBay.I understand that their store in NYC even offers a straight razor shave. Hmm…might be worth a field trip.

OK, a disclaimer: I used my Mach 3 Turbo razor for all shaves and didn’t change the blade between daily shaves.

Comparison Test

Using my shaving brush, I first tried an aerosol gel. I placed some gel on the brush and tried to work up a lather on my face. Not impressed as it didn’t lather well with the brush and I did a better job using my fingers. My shave was fine.

Next up was a tube of C.O. Bigelow shave cream (it claims to be the #1 shaving cream in Italian barber shops). At ~$5 for a small tube, it’s a good deal as I didn’t need much to generate a good lather with the brush. I wet my brush and squirted a small amount on to it and lathered it up on my face. My shave was fine.

Finally I tried The Art of Shaving shave cream (~$22, Sandalwood scent). What I first liked about it was that it comes in its own jar. I just wet the brush, touch the tip on the cream and work up a fine lather on my face. Immediately, I could smell the cream. My shave was smooth and maybe a tad closer than previous shaves.


I really liked The Art of Shaving shave cream. I liked how it comes in its own jar and requires only a small amount to generate a nice lather. It’s more expensive than the others; however, I only required a small amount and the scent was nice. (Hey, 2 compliments at work in the morning can’t be wrong!!). So I’ll be saving my pennies to try more of their products. It’s a nicer shaving experience than I’ve had in some time.

There’s a slew of other products available from the Art of Shaving. I really have to try their straight razor shave or maybe even try using the razor myself.



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