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Is there really anything to know about buying a pair of skivvies? It may all come down to preference or comfort, but there are a few more things to be aware of, whether you're buying for yourself, or your man.

The Basics

  • There are many different styles to choose from, and most men have a variety of styles in their undies drawer:

    • Briefs are the classic skivvies that most men grew up in. They fit close and don’t cover any thigh area. Some brands of briefs show lines through trousers, however, so be aware of thick seams. Briefs are a good choice for exercising, when extra support is required.

    • Boxers are similar to a pair of shorts and are quite baggy. Most men find them comfortable and flattering, and they allow for a lot of air circulation, though provide no support. However, some men complain they bunch up when sitting all day or wearing tighter pants.

    • Boxer-briefs are relatively new on the market, providing the support of a brief with the coverage of a boxer. Thigh lengths vary. Many men and women say the boxer-brief is the perfect combination of sexy and practical.

    • Thongs, also known as g-strings, barely cover the front parts and almost totally expose the rear, providing very little support. Some rear “strings” are wider than others – the wider, the more severe the ensuing wedgie. Most people feel this style is only appealing on the most fittest of physiques.

  • Fabric should be your number one consideration when buying underwear.

    • Newer synthetic fabrics like lycra, nylon, and microfiber are not a good choice for day-to-day undies if you’re concerned about sperm count. They tend to keep the testicles tight to the body, building up heat and not allowing things to breathe.

    • Cotton is a good choice for breathability and comfort, but it can wear out quickly.

    • Silk is sexy and lovely to the touch, but its high maintenance care is a hassle (hand washing and ironing!)

    • A cotton-polyester blend may provide longevity and breathability, as well as comfort.

  • Don’t get sucked by designer labels until you know what fits best. It’s important to try several different brands to find the right fit around the thigh or groin.

    • Some are cut longer and provide more coverage.

    • Others are cut around mid- or upper-thigh.

    • Fabrics with lycra or nylon will fit tighter than cotton or polyester.

  • Cup size varies among brands, so be sure to look at a sample to see what kind of room it provides. If the cup is too big, it will bunch up. Too small will be very uncomfortable!

  • When at the store, be sure to take the underwear out of its package and look at it closely. Hold it up to the light and if you see through, the fabric is thin and won’t last long. Look for double-stitched seams and make sure there are no broken stitches or loose threads, especially around the waist.

Other Considerations

  • Can’t decide on style? We polled a bunch of men and found that 51% preferred boxers or boxer-briefs.

  • Popular men’s underwear brands are typically Fruit of the Loom, Hanes, Jockey, Calvin Klein, and Joe Boxer.

  • If you want your underwear to last, hang it to dry instead of using a dryer.



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  • suzybel

    My husband always wore the “tighty whitey” type briefs that his mother put him in. Only they weren’t tight, they were baggy in the seat and around the legs. I changed him to boxer briefs and now I don’t mind seeing him prance around the house in his undies.