My trip to NYC

Monday, 15 September 2008

I just got back from a mother/daughter trip to New York. I took her there for her 65 birthday (oops, now everyone knows how old she is) and we had such a fabulous time.

First up, the shopping. I've traveled to quite a fewshopping hot spots now (London, Paris, Tokyo, Milan, Los Angeles) but I stillhave to say that New York is my absolute favourite. The number of stores thereis mind-boggling. There's no one shopping area as each neighbourhood has ashopping district. I love the big department stores in midtown, the chainstores of Soho and the unique boutiques of the Village. We did some seriousdamage.

I also love New York for the restaurants. We had a greatdinner at Pastis, the long-standingFrench bistro in the meatpacking district that's always packed to the rafters. Mymom was in awe of the energy and vibrancy. You really don't see that in manyCanadian restaurants. We also ate at LeColonial, which is a great Vietnamese restaurant on East 57th. (It'sthe place where I had my first lychee martini, with pureed lychees. Yum.)

One note to prospective travelers – most NYC museums are not open on Mondays. We found this outthe hard way as we were saving Monday for museum day. Oops. My mom ended upgoing to the MOMA, which she said was crazy busy and I went to the Bodiesexhibit, which I'd been meaning to see for ages. Let's just say I'm off meatfor a while.

All in all, a great trip, though I am happy to leave thehubbub behind. The crowds and the constant noise do get to me after a while. Itsure makes me appreciate the quiet of home. Not to mention all the greenery. There'sno place like home. (Yes, we went to see Wicked. How did you guess?)






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