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Tuesday, 28 April 2015 | Tags: , , , , , ,

What can I say - I see and I MUST HAVE! I'm talking about My Idol, the app phenom that's circulating the web.

My Idol takes a selfie or existing photo and turns into into a hilarious (some say creepy) 3D avatar of you.

Clearly, if you have a chance to a dress as a rad 16-year-old skateboarding chick, you should take it.

Two things to keep in mind. One, if you search My Idol in the App store you won’t find it.  I’ll save you some aggravation.  Search for Huanshi Ltd. This is the one you’re looking for. (Once you download it, it will read “My Idol” on your phone.) FullSizeRender 3

The second is the entire app is in Chinese. While you can muddle your way through, there are now some online translations that will make your avatar building much easier.  I found this one from Gotta Be Mobile most helpful.

Important note: Press GREEN for a male avatar and RED for female and save yourself a bit of a headache.

You can dress the avatar up, choosing from existing outfits or create your own.  You can also don various hairstyles, accessories and even change your eye-colour.  What do you think, bleach blonde school girl?


The best part is, there are activities to choose from, from riding a motorcycle to exercising your inner pole dancer.

FullSizeRender 5

Gotta go, time to change my outfit for my next set!





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  • chris

    Love to see you on the pole kristina