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Thursday, 12 February 2009 | Tags: , , ,

I'm not a beauty product addict by nature, just by profession. I don't like a jam-packed house and that includes keeping my closets organized and my bathroom drawers clutter-free. So when I go product shopping, I'm often not looking for more products, just better ones.


There are two products I can’t live without – sunscreen and self-tanners. The problem for me has always been wearing them both at once. I have somewhat sensitive skin that doesn’t like heavy creams of any sort, and rebels in the form of zits at the slightest provocation.

So I’ve been pretty ecstatic over my new drugstore find Olay Complete Touch of Sun Daily UV Facial Moisturizer, a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 and “a touch of sunless tanner.” While I don’t recommend using this product during the summer months – when you need to apply sunscreen more regularly – it’s the perfect mid-winter booster, taking my complexion from slightly yellow to somewhat golden.

The tan builds gradually to the perfect “hey, were you on vacation?” glow. Yes, I did get this comment, from an ex-boyfriend no less! And the best part: it’s inexpensive. I paid $11.99 for 75 ml.


Until now I’ve been addicted to L’Occitane Hand Cream, and have been faithful to it for years. On a recent trip to the moisture-sucking East Coast, I ran out, so I bought Kiehl’s Unusually Rich But Not Greasy At All Hand Cream, with an SPF 10. (This product isn’t new on the market, it’s just new to me.) The name says it all. I want my hands to be supple, not slimy, and this product really delivers.

Plus, while we often douse our faces with creams to protect them from the elements, we often forget our hands, which can show signs of aging even more quickly. I love that this product has an SPF. And since it’s a hand cream I’m going to be reapplying it on a regular basis. And best of all, it’s cheaper than my former fave. L’Occitane sells for about $30, the Kiehl’s, $19.


Yes, I too want impossibility long and lush eyelashes. (Mine are dark, but on the short-ish and straight-ish side.)

After years of testing mascaras, I know that there are no miracles in a tube. That said, when Lancome came out with its new vibrating mascara, Ôscillation, I couldn’t resist. Whatever will the makeup industry think of next?

The good news is yes, it does vibrate. You hold down a button on the wand, which makes the brush pulsate gently. Quite an odd sensation at first, like your eyelids are getting a mini massage. The company claims this vibration helps apply the mascara more evenly, accessing each lash.

My lashes do look good and there’s no clumping. (The makeup artist on our show, Jessica, also gave it the thumbs up.) But at $45 a tube, I’m going to wait for the drugstore brands to adopt the technology before committing to another tube.

Until then, it may be back to the eyelash extensions which I tried recently (see photo). For $60 I got the most wide-eyed look I’ve had in years! 

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