Nori Seaweed

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There are many different types of seaweed. Nori seaweed is the type most commonly used to wrap sushi, but there are many other types used in soups, salads, and an unlimited number of other dishes. Here are some tips on buying nori for your homemade sushi rolls.

The Basics

  • Nori is thin, flat, and dark, and looks like tissue paper. When fresh, nori is red or green when fresh. Once toasted, it turns a very dark purple, almost black.

  • When toasted, Nori is crispy and has a salty taste.

  • High in fibre, protein, minerals, vitamins, calcium, zinc, and lingams, nori can help reduce the risk of cancer. It also contains iodine and is low in fat.

  • It is, however, high in sodium, so anyone on a low sodium diet should be aware not to eat too much.

  • You can buy nori either in raw or toasted form. If you buy it raw, you need to toast it before using it for sushi.

  • Nori sheets are sold in boxes or sealed plastic envelopes. Boxes usually contain about 10 sheets.

  • Dried nori keeps indefinitely, as long as your store it well-sealed and in a cool, dry, dark place. You should try to use it up within two years.

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