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On the road again. And again, and again…

Wednesday, 10 June 2009 | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

It has been a few crazy weeks of travel for the Bags. In the last month I was on 5 trips, involving 8 plane rides and two ferry trips. When I was a kid I thought business travel would be glamorous. Not so much!

Here’s we’ve been up to:

Cowgirls on the open range

After Chicago we had a short reprieve before we headed to the interior of British Columbia. We spent three days at Stump Lake Ranch, which is about 45 minutes outside of Kamloops, BC, to test the cookbook Cowboy in the Kitchen. Stump Lake is a working cattle ranch where we had the pleasure of riding horses and branding cattle. I kid you not!

We also conducted a beef taste test comparing various grades of beef, and we staged our big cook day there in their outdoor kitchen. We made five recipes from the Cowboy in the Kitchen book. Stayed tuned for the “Son of the Bitch” stew and our guest chef, who flew in straight from Texas.

Kristina on horseback at Stump Lake Ranch

Kristina on horseback at Stump Lake Ranch May 2009

Fishing on the open ocean

The following week we were off to Vancouver Island to Painter’s Lodge, a fishing lodge just outside of Campbell River. What a beautiful spot. This was for the seafood cookbook A Good Catch. We got up at the crack of dawn to go salmon fishing and I caught my first fish ever. (I had to throw it back, but the thrill of the hunt!)

We also went to Fanny Bay to see and sample their farmed oysters – and yes, buying farmed is the way to go when it comes to most shell fish. We managed to sneak in a massage at April Point, Painter’s Lodge’s sister resort, just a quick a ferry ride across the water. We highly recommend it.

Kristina & Anna Fishing Painter's Lodge Vancouver Island 2009

Kristina & Anna Fishing Painter’s Lodge Vancouver Island 2009

Schmoozing & networking

Then it was home for two days and off to Banff to the Banff World Television Festival. This is about our 8 or 9th trip to the festival. While there we took the opportunity to announce that we’re working on a new show, Anna and Kristina’s Beauty Call, where we go in search of smart shopping and style in the realm of fashion and beauty. The new show is set to air in the late Fall.

(Wait a minute, that’s only four trips in three weeks. The fifth one was a brief weekend jaunt to Toronto for personal reasons.)

Home is where the heart is

All I can say is – home sweet home. And in all this jet setting I haven’t had a minute to go shopping!



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