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The sulfur vapours given off when cutting onions brings most people to tears. But believe it or not, you can buy goggles specifically designed to shield your eyes from the vapour burn. We tested some onion goggles out to see if they really work.

The Basics

  • Onions contain sulfur, which is released as vapour as you cut through the onion layers. This vapour turns into sulfuric acid, which reacts with the moisture in your eyes creating an uncomfortable burning sensation.

  • Look for fog-free lenses in a clear or light tint.

  • There should also be a layer of foam around the outside of each goggle that rests comfortably against the skin around your eyes to create a good seal.

  • The goggles we found from a company online came in many different colours including pink, white, and black, because looking good always is important!

Other Considerations

  • When choosing onions, heavier ones are juicier. Make sure the papery skin is uniform, and avoid onions with any discolorations or blemishes on the skin.


We tested a pair of onion goggles against a pair of ski goggles (Anna’s tried and true remedy for onion tears):

Our test products: .  
  • RSVP International Onion Goggles: $24.99
. . Amazon.ca Amazon.com
  • Anna’s ski goggles
. .    

(Note: prices listed above are approximate and in Canadian dollars)

Tearless Test

  • We both thought the goggles did the trick and are potentially worthwhile if cutting onions really bothers you, or if you have to slice a lot of onions at once (for example, for an onion soup recipe).

  • While the ski goggles also work well, the onion goggles really are a much more stylish option. Plus the ski goggles are tinted, which makes it a bit harder to see what you’re chopping.

  • Swim goggles may also work in a pinch. Be sure there’s a good seal for the best effectiveness.


If you’re prone to heavy tears during onion slicing, or you want to preserve your freshly-applied make-up, consider a pair of onion goggles. We also think it’s a good gift for the chef who has everything.

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