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Friday, 17 April 2009 | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

It's my favourite time of year to shop for clothes. Spring is in the air! It's when styles lean toward the more feminine, as girlie colours and frocks arrive in stores. And this year looks like a good one for girlie girls like me: the trend is a play-off between natural fabrics and ultra pretty. Yippie!

The heavy hitters like Prada and Valentino are using lots of embellishments on whisker-fine fabrics, pale pastels and prints, ruffles and even feathers. Expect to see our favourite knock-off artists like H&M and Zara do some of the same.

So, what are the trends worth investing in this Spring?

Buy: Dresses.

I’m a big believer in the frock. While I love my denim, I get sick to death of jeans by February, and by March 1st I’ve moved my spring dresses to the front of the closest as I pine for a sunny day. This year there are some beautiful dresses in washed-out prints, which creates an updated and slightly edgy look on the classic floral design; a look that will serve you well for a few good years.

Buy: Bell bottom jeans.

I know I just said I’m sick of jeans, but of course I’m not suggesting shelving them for the whole summer. Bell-bottoms give you something different and dressy and they make your legs look 10-miles long! They can be tricky to wear, but I like them with a simple draped top and sky-high shoes.

Buy: The trench.

There are some fresh and fun new options from Burberry and H&M right now. Everything from faded patterns to ruching, and unique colours like silver and purple.

And what trends am I taking a pass on this time round?

Pass: The jumpsuit.

Maybe this doesn’t make me very fashion forward, but I just can’t go back to the jumpsuit. I used to wear one in high school! I can’t do it. Plus, they make it hard to go pee.

Pass: The boyfriend jeans.

I know everyone likes to have that super soft and comfy lose pair that still looks great to throw on for running to the market or Sunday morning brunch. And when they’re authentic, they’re wonderful. Problem is, every single women’s department is selling the same version with the holes in the same place. And don’t you think it looks a bit ridiculous when we’re all wearing the same thing to brunch? I say steal your boyfriends jeans and make them your own over time. Then wear them when the crowds have moved on to the next big thing.

Pass: The big purse.

I’m tired of it. And I think I’ve developed a shoulder condition from carrying so much stuff around.

Instead, I’m looking for a new spring bag and my attention has turned to smaller, feminine purses. Kooba has a beautiful one in faded yellow that I’m yearning for.

So what are your top picks for this season? Let’s hear from the guys too! (I know you’ve moved beyond boring old t-shirts, so share your faves!)

Now all this talk has got me drooling. Gone shopping!


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