Oscar Yawn

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Every year at around this time, my girlfriends and I get together to watch the Oscars. Everyone brings food, we drink too much wine, and we throw marshmallows at the worst-dressed stars. We never miss the pre-show, which makes for about 5 hours of Oscar festivities.

While the Oscars are no gold medal hockey game, there is usually enough entertainment, and paired with my pals and free-flowing chardonnay, it makes for a lovely Sunday.  Hugh Jackman’s performance last year was downright enjoyable.

But this year, even my most entertaining friends couldn’t make this show worth watching. What a bore. I used to have a big crush on Alec Baldwin and I had thought the match up with Steve Martin was a guarantee for laughs.  Aside from the video of the two of them sleeping in a bed together, which was hilarious, their overall act was painful.  They were uncomfortable with each other and the jokes were lame.

Mo’nique & Robin Williams

And can someone please tell George Clooney to get a haircut?
That said, judging from the fashions, there is some takeaway advice for us as we head into spring.
Royal blue is in. Maggie Gyllenhaal, Mo’Nique, and Gabourey Sidibe all rocked it.Same goes for the metallics. No matter what your skin tone, there will be something for everyone in the silvers, golds and champagnes.
Also,is it possible it’s time to give the tan a break? Is it time for the pale girls to shine at last? Sure, Demi Moore looked perfectly tawny,but what happened to Sarah Jessica Parker? She looked orange (and I was watching in high def).
The most beautiful looks came from the ivory skinned Sandra Bullock, Carey Mulligan, Elizabeth Banks, and Kristen Stewart.  (That said, anyone looking for a teensy tan, I highly recommend Bobbi Brown’s self tanner in medium).
And that’s about all I got from the Oscar’s. Well, that, and a hangover.


(Photos courtesy of Oscars.org)




Gabourey Sidibe gorgeous in royal blue


Maggie Gyllenhaal also in a stunning royal blue gown

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