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Sunday, 1 September 2013

We both love diving into a great book, and the portability and ease of the Kobo eReader just can't be beat. Whether you're travelling or headed to back to school, or even just curling up on the couch with a good story or magazine, you can carry a whole library in a device no bigger than a paperback!

The Kobo eReader family has something for everyone. All the newest models are WiFi capable, which means you can browse titles and add books, magazines, and newspapers to your library all without plugging in. Lightweight (fits in most purses) and easy to use, and with a long-lasting battery, you’ll always be able to escape into a good read when the opportunity arises.

The one thing that bugs us both a little about the Kobo is that you can’t see how many pages you have left in your book like you can with other ereaders we’ve tried. 

Prices range between $99-$249 (or more). Kobo eReaders are available at Chapters.Indigo.caKobo Canada, and Kobo USA.

Some of the latest Kobo models include:

Kobo Aura HD
Kobo Aura HD- Onyx

Kobo Arc
Kobo Arc, 16GB, 7" LCD Reader - White

Kobo Touch
Kobo Touch Lilac

Kobo Glo eReader
Kobo Glo eReader, Black



Pre-Order the NEW Kobo Arc Tablets & Kobo Aura eReader at Chapters.Indigo.ca!


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  • Emily Newmoon

    Not many people know that, but you can upload your local Library e-books to Kobo. Kobo is a Canadian product, and that’s why it’s compatible with Public Library. Happy reading!

    • annaandkristina

      Thanks, Emily, fantastic tip! Many libraries also have Kobos for lending too, so you can try them out before you buy if you’re unsure whether you’ll like it or not.

  • Melissa G

    Kobo has horrible customer service, which is something to take into consideration. My friends (about four of us) and I all bought the Kobo Glo and three of us had the same issue with it breaking and Kobo not replacing it. Only had it for six months before it happened. Will never buy another Kobo product.