Penny Wise: Snap up those markdowns at Costco

Monday, 24 July 2000

Shopping Bag Janice F. has Costco bargain-shopping down pat! While they have some great, regular price deals, did you know there are even better bargains to be had? Read on for Janice's tips...

The Costco I frequent has a corner by the checkout tills with all the items they have marked down for clearance or fast sale. Look for this area in your local Costco. 

To scoop up those bargains:

  • Get there early, at least 15 minutes before they open.
  • Have your cart and Costco card ready in-hand.
  • Head straight to the markdown table as soon as they open the door. 

I've gotten some smokin' deals just being one of the first people there.

Oh and one more important thing: If you are undecided on an item in the clearance area, scoop it up and put it in your cart anyway. I can't tell you how many people I've overheard saying "I should have just grabbed it while it was there."


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