Photo Printers

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Now that many people have digital photos, printing them out is optional. You can take your camera's memory card to your local photo processor, or you can buy a photo printer to use at home. We find out what to look for in a photo printer.


The Basics

  • Most compact photo printers designed for personal use are usually limited to 4×6 prints, which is the most popular size anyway.

  • Photo printers are typically inkjet format or laser format:

    • Inkjet is less expensive, but also less accurate. Small jets spray tiny amounts of pigmented ink through a series of nozzles onto the paper. They range in price from under $100 to $600 or more.

    • Laser printers are usually more expensive but can create a clearer picture. They’re best to use if you plan on blowing up pictures bigger than the 4×6 standard. They use a dye sublimation technique, which means the ink is transferred to the paper using a long roll of transparent film.

  • While these little printers do a good job, they’re not designed for high volume. Most take a minute, or more, per print.

  • For extra convenience look for a printer that will allow you to insert your memory card rather than having to connect using a USB hardwire connection. However, printing straight from your memory card doesn’t allow you to crop or touch up your photos.

Other Considerations

  • Also remember to include the cost of ink and paper when you’re budgeting for a photo printer.





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