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First designed back in 1964 by Canadian Louise Poirier, push-up bras are meant to "lift and separate" and create the illusion of full cleavage, no matter your size. We examine some bra options to see which create the best bust.

The Basics

  • By design, push-up bras are very supportive and tend to hold everything in place.

  • Make sure you have cup size fitted properly to avoid a wrinkly or puckered look.

  • As with any bra, sizing and fit are very important:

    • Your band size determine much of your comfort. Too tight will create unsightly bulges. Too lose won’t provide enough support. Raise your hands above your head and the elastic band should stay put.

    • Jump up and down, run on the spot and bend forward, backward and sideways to make sure nothing gets displaced or falls out, and that there’s no pinching.

    • Shoulder straps shouldn’t slip. If they’re as tight as they go and still fall down, you may need to go down a cup size.

    • The underwire should fit flat against your breast bone.

    • The middle portion of the bra – between the cups – should sit flat against your chest.

  • Cups on a seamless bra are pre-molded for a very round and smooth appearance.

  • Cups with seams create a slightly pointier-looking breast.

Other Considerations

  • If you’re an A-cup, you can get away with wearing a push-up bra all the time. If you’re more endowed (e.g. a D-cup), it may be an intense look best saved for special occasions.

Be Aware

  • The push-up bra look may not always be appropriate for the workplace.


We recruited some helpers and tested these four push-up bras to see which gave the best boost without compromising on comfort:

  • Hanes (built-in foam padding): $15.95
  • Piege: $80
  • La Senza (gel inserts): $29.50
  • Wonderbra (foam): $28.50

Comfort Test

We wore the bras day-to-day for a few weeks, and also exercised in them, including some pretty intense trampoline bouncing.

  • Hanes was not very comfortable, nor was the Wonderbra.

  • The Piege bra fit well and snug, without pinching, and defied gravity well.

  • The La Senza bra was comfortable and the gel warmed up quickly to your own body temperature.

Style Test

  • The Hanes and Wonderbra didn’t score big on looks either.

  • The La Senza bra with the gel inserts gave a natural look and feel.

  • The Piege was a favourite on looks, both on its own and beneath clothing.


The Peige bra won on everything but the price. For those on a more frugal budget, the La Senza bra was a very close second.


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