Remembering a Beloved Pet

Tuesday, 21 April 2015 | Tags: , , , , , , ,

I have a confession to make. A slightly macabre one. My beloved cat Whidbey died quite a few years ago. When the vet asked if I wanted to keep her ashes, I said yes. Well, they’re still in a little box in my garage.

I had wanted to bury them but couldn’t decide on a good spot.  Time passed and I got my dog Ruby (who is alive and well!!) and I was worried about Ruby meeting Whidbey in the yard in a most unseemly manner.

A little bit about Whidbey. She was basically the coolest cat ever. Not cool, as in aloof, but quite the opposite. She was actually very dog-like, following me around the house, always wanting to be beside me and meowing at me to give her attention.


She saw me through many a move, two big break-ups, (soaking up many of my tears in her tortoise-shell coloured fur) and all sorts of life’s ups and downs. She lived to be 17, though her health wasn’t good for the last year and a half. She had kidney problems and I had to give her subcutaneous fluid injections (ie. put a needle in her neck and inject saline) in order to keep her going.

Basically, she was all a girl could ask for in a cat and then some.


I recently learned about a new Canadian website called 4myfriend.com.* It’s a place where pet owners can memorialize their pets after they’re gone. We write obits for people, why not pets, who are often among our closest companions?

What I really like about the site is that it’s tasteful and elegant. You can post tributes on some other pet sites but here, there is a lot more space to do so and no ads. So Whidbey doesn’t have to shill stuff long after she’s gone.

The site is also super easy to use. You can put up a post for free (one photo or video and 50 words) or pay up to $35 for unlimited words and up to 30 photos. You can also add a guest book for your friends to sign; include share links for social media; and add a link so people can make a donation to your charity of choice.

If you’d like to post something about your own pet, I’m sharing this free access code: 1504CSAH

Here’s the post I put up in memory of Whidbey. Widdy, if you’re reading this, I apologize for my very tardy tribute. You are definitely not forgotten.




*The site was started by a friend of mine.

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  • suzybel

    I have 2 beloved dogs and one cat buried on our acreage (we live in the country) and 1 dog sitting on the mantle in a lovely container. I still miss them all.

  • Mike Benninger

    Both our lost boys are on our mantle, we see them everyday…