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I've been living in Vancouver for almost 25 years now and in that time the city has come a long way as a shopping destination.

Last month Tory Burtch opened her doors on Alberni street, The Bay’s The Room just keeps getting better and then of course there is a growing list of small, independent fashion retailers that are always worth a visit, like Misch and Rebecca Bree.

The latest arrival in town is Primitive Culture and I for one couldn’t be more excited.  I’ve been frequenting the Calgary location for years because the collection is accessible and realistic.  It’s not trying too hard to be unique, and offers women’s clothing and accessories with just enough edge for an urban girl who loves fashion, wants her own look and at the same time needs to be smart about what she buys. Translation:  Anything I’ve bought from Primitive Culture I get a lot of wear out of and after shopping there I’ve never suffered retail remorse.  Lines include Gary Graham, Current Elliot and Faith Connexion.  There’s lots of denim, jewelry and accessories as well as Golden Goose boots (worth the investment).  If you walk in with 50 bucks to spend, you’ll find something.  Walk in with $500 and you’ll have a really good time.

The other reason I want everyone to check out the store is that, as I said, it’s from Calgary.  Remember The Flood last spring?  It doesn’t make national headlines anymore (not sure what else could these days, with Rob Ford getting in the way of everything) but the long, slow rebuilding process has barely begun.  Just ask my sister.  She lost her house.  As in, lost everything on two floors and the whole place had to be gutted.  Furniture, appliances, art, clothing, family pictures…GONZO.  And there is no flood insurance in Canada, so, a lot of people will be working themselves out of a hole for many many years to come.

The owner of Primitive Culture, Lisa, says her Calgary business is down by a third due to the flood.  “People there just have more important things to worry about then what kind of jeans they’re wearing.”

So if you’re a slave to fashion check out the shop next time you’re in town.  You’ll find something you love and will be helping out some flood victims.  (Sort of.  It doesn’t take much for me to justify shopping for fashion!)


Primitive Culture in Calgary, AB

[Top image from Rebecca Bree’s blog]

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