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If you spend a lot on colouring your hair, you likely want to keep the colour for as long as possible. We find out if shampoos formulated specifically for colour-treated hair really work.

The Basics

  • Red and gold hair colours seem to fade the quickest from washing and exposure to the sun.

  • Colour-enhancing shampoo formulas claim to provide a gentle cleanse that doesn’t strip away your colour. They also claim to moisturize the cuticle of the hair, which takes a beating from the dye chemicals.

  • Colour-friendly products are available in shampoos, conditioners and leave-in products. Some manufacturers go as far as making shampoos and conditioners for specific hair colours.

  • Hair experts caution that baby shampoos and anti-dandruff shampoos make colour treatments fade faster.

  • Many believe no matter what shampoo you use, your colour, like it or not, gets washed down the drain.

  • A good conditioner after every shampoo helps add vibrancy to your colour, and lock in moisture.

Other Considerations

  • Some basic steps to protect your colour from environmental factors include:

    • In the sun, cover your hair. Products with SPF in them really won’t help.

    • When swimming in the sea or a pool, wear a funky bathing cap to protect your hair from harmful minerals and chemicals that strip away colour.


We went to the salon and dyed five real hair pieces all the same shade of red. Then we divided each hair piece into two, and kept one part covered and washed the other part 25 times with our shampoo products.


L’Oreal Vive Pro Colour Care Shampoo: $1.11 per 100 ml . . Well.ca Drugstore.com
Pantene Red Expressions Shampoo(for red colour): $1.60 per 100 ml . . Well.ca Drugstore.comicon
John Frieda Colour Shampoo (radiant red): $4 per 100 ml . . Well.ca Drugstore.comicon
Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo: $5.60 per 100 ml . . Amazon.com
Kerastase Reflection Bain Miroir #1 Shampoo: $12 per 100 ml . .


(Note: prices listed above are approximate and in Canadian dollars)

Wash Test

  • The colour really faded immediately on the piece washed with Pantene Pro-V.

  • The Kerastase and the John Frieda left our reds a little ravished and fading.

  • Both the L’Oreal and the Aveda were impressive at keeping the hair samples closest to the original colour.


We chose L’Oreal Vive Color Care Shampoo as our top shampoo for colour-treated hair because it was the least expensive of our top two choices. Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo also did an impressive job, at a higher price.



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