Shopping for jeans to flatter your bum

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Jeans are a staple in just about everyone's wardrobe, but a lot of women don't know how to choose a style that flatters the feature that matters most: your bum. Here are some tips to get the right fit.

The Basics

  • In general, loose jeans don’t flatter your bum. Fitted is much better. On the other hand, avoid super-tight jeans, which can create bulges in all the wrong places.

  • The parts of the jean to pay attention to are:

    • The back pockets

    • The pocket-to-bum ratio (i.e. how much “real estate” your pockets have compared to the rest of the fabric)

    • The yoke (the y-shaped or flat upside-down triangle piece of fabric below the waistband and above the pockets)

    • The waistband

    • The ratio between the waist, bum width, and hip width

    • The rise of the fabric cut for the bum area (e.g. long-cut or short-cut)

  • The placement, size, shape, and angle of the back pockets have a major effect on how your bum will look in the jeans. The bigger the pocket, the smaller your bum looks, and vice versa. Pockets set wide can add width. Pockets set close can create a compact look. Pockets that tilt outward can create curves.

  • Unless you have a perfect bum, you may want to avoid jeans without back pockets.

Shape Guidelines

Choose a style of jeans based on the shape and size of your bum. If you have:

  • A small bum:

    • Look for back pockets with flaps or embellished stitching to help create the illusion of curves.

    • Small pockets will make your bum look bigger.

    • A wider yoke can add some shape where none exists.

    • About 2% Lycra in the fabric helps add curvy definition, and slim, straight legs emphasize the curves you already have.

  • A coveted bubble butt with great curves:

    • You may have trouble finding jeans that fit without gaping at the waist. Look for styles that are narrower at the waist than the bum and hips. A slanted seam on the waistband indicates the fabric was pieced together in a contoured shape for curvy women.

    • Jeans cut higher in the back can also provide extra fabric for your bum to fill out.

  • A wide, flat bum:

    • Find a pair of jeans that have large back pockets to help break up the broadness. Avoid small-pocketed jeans.

    • Avoid wide-set pockets, which emphasize broadness. Instead, look for close-set or evenly-set pockets.

    • Look for subtle pocket embellishments of curves or swirls create the illusion of roundness.

    • Avoid stiff denim, which will flatten your bum. Choose about 2% Lycra for some curvy definition. However, too much Lycra can also be unflattering.

    • Avoid wide-leg jeans, which will make you look wide all over. Also avoid tapered legs, which will exaggerate your hips. Boot-cut legs with a bit of flare are a good middle ground.


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