Store Policies are Your Friend

Saturday, 10 January 2009 | Tags: , ,

Shopping Bag Hobson L. shares some savvy shopping tips that saved him a lot of cash, and will make you always want to read the store policy fine print! Here's his story:

Hobson L. says:

Checking out store policies is one of my most important rules when shopping. Sure they may not mean much to you right now, but they may help you later in case you need to return, exchange, or get a price adjustment. 

Little do some people know, certain stores also have other policies. I took advantage of one of them recently and saved a lot of money when upgrading my computer. Possible? Of course!

While compiling a presentation on my MacBook computer the other day, it re-booted without warning. Thankfully, I always save my changes — however, I was flustered as to why it was re-booting like that. It was a Mac, after all (not being biased, I use PCs as well).

After further investigation, I determined that I needed a RAM upgrade. Seemed reasonable…so I set out in search of two 1GB sticks of RAM that would be compatible with my MacBook.

As soon as I browsed onto Future Shop and Best Buy’s websites, I was shocked to see the sticker price on the RAM sticks: upwards of $80! There was no way I was going to spend $160 on my MacBook — especially since I’m a student.

Then I browsed some other websites of smaller, local, lesser-known businesses. From previous knowledge, I know that these businesses sometimes sell computer products and components that usually don’t come with the bulky packaging, therefore allowing them to knock a chunk off of the final cost. To my luck, I found a stick of RAM for only $12. The downside was that these small businesses have short operating hours, and at the time I was browsing online, they were closed. In addition, they weren’t open the next day (Sunday) and I didn’t want to wait until Monday.

At that point, I remembered that Future Shop has a price matching policy where they will change their price if a competitor’s is lower. I searched around Future Shop’s website to see if they had the same product in stock. They did! I quickly printed off the product webpage from the cheaper store, hurried over to Future Shop before they closed, and picked up the RAM at a great deal.

Not only did I save a ton of money, I also got it cheaper than the other company’s price, thanks to another clause in Future Shop’s price matching policy, which says they will beat the competitor’s price by 10% of the difference. In the end, I walked away with my RAM in-hand at a cost of only around $7 each. I’d say it was much better than paying $80 each, wouldn’t you agree?


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