Skin Care for Acne-Prone Skin

Monday, 11 February 2008

Smart shopper Fiona M. shares her findings on some skin care regimens she has tried out on her acne-prone skin...

I have struggled with acne my whole life. I’ve dealt with the pain, embarassment and stigma that goes along with it. I have devoted quite a bit of time to finding a product that has FINALLY worked for me, so I felt compelled to share my findings with others. I’m hoping that by writing this review I can save the many acne sufferers out there the time, money and aggravation it took me to get to this point.There are tons of acne products out there. I tested far more, but these ones were the only ones I could stand to use for the entire duration. You can save money by looking carefully at each brand. Many have the exact same ingredients. So if you find one that does not work, look at others to see if they have the same ingredients. That way you know it won’t be for you.

Test Criteria

I tested four brands of acne skin care. Each one until the product was empty (which was hard to do because I hated one of them). I used them twice a day (morning and night) as outlined in the directions.

Test Results

I rated the products from one to four. One being the best and four being the worst.

1. Proactiv Solution
2. Clearasil
3. Neutrogena
4. Clean and Clear


  • I liked Proactiv the best. It kept my skin perfectly clear and I really like the grainy texture of the cleanser. It did a great job of exfoliating my skin and making it feel soft and smooth. Plus the smell was great.
  • My second choice was the Clearasil. It kept my skin clear and the pads did a good job of exfoliating as well, but I didn’t care for the medicinal smell.
  • The Neutrogena brand did keep my skin clear, but my skin looked dull because I have a skin type that needs exfoliating daily.
  • As for the Clean & Clear, I did not like the smell, I still had breakouts and the 10% Benzoyl Peroxide dried my skin out horribly. It was my least favourite and I wanted to throw it away the entire time I used it.

My Top Pick

Proactiv Solution skin care regimen.
Remember, everyone has different skin. These were my findings and you may find my choice does not work for you. Available at TheShoppingChannel.com (Canada) or Amazon.com (USA).



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