Social Media Frenzy

Tuesday, 18 February 2014 | Tags: , , , , , , ,

I spend way too much time on social media. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pintrest, sip of coffee, repeat. First thing every morning and more times a day than I care to admit.

I’ve read reports that spending an average of eight to ten hours per week on social networking websites  qualifies as obsessive behaviour.  

Created as a way to connect, my social media obsession is now leaving me feeling disconnected and depressed.  Because let’s be honest, no one shares the s#*t.  Instead, I’ve learned that you:

  • live in a nicer house
  • went to a fancier party
  • have successful, beautiful children
  • are on a more exotic vacation
  • baked more delicious-looking cookies
  • got a cuter outfit
  • know more beautiful and/or famous people
  • have bigger boobs and a flatter stomach 
  • take better photographs. (Does everyone have a professional grip following them around because my selfies and décor vignettes do not look like that.)

It’s almost worse when I post something myself.  Here’s a day in my mental life of checking social media feeds:

7 am check all sites including Twitter.  I lost 2 followers overnight.  What did I do???? I was sleeping! Why former followers, why?  

10 am, post Instagram photo.  10:10 am, no activity.   10:34 am, excited!  Got two likes.  11:37 am, only one more like. Things will surely pick up when people go on lunch. Vow to check every hour at most…  

12:36 pm, nearly made it to the hour mark.  Why aren’t at least my best friends liking Ruby’s (upteenth) photo? Sheesh, I could really use their support here.  

1:47 pm check latest blog post. What, only 3 likes? I thought people would be interested in learning to dye their own clothes.  Cross promote on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.  Next week vow to write about something with wider appeal. 

10:21 pm, last Instagram check before bed… 21 likes, yippee!  

And so it goes. 

Studies have found that social media is the perfect playground for the self-absorbed.  (And bored, I’d like to add.)  Knowing that really makes me determined to cut back.  A counter-argument, Psychology Today reports that a “like” on Facebook can be a good self-esteem booster, albeit a short lived.

Also on the plus side, social media is still a good way to stay connected with far-flung friends.  I get much of my breaking news from Twitter and I’ve picked up some good recipes via Pintrest. 

But I do recognize when I’m spending too much time online.   Instead of relentlessly checking email, shoe sales and social media feeds, I’m going to pick up that book, head to the gym or better yet, take a photography course. Instagram, watch out! 

I hope you’ll like this blog.  And by like I mean click the little like button at the top. 

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  • bluegrass69

    Kristina, you are absolutely perfect just the way you are right now.

  • Donna

    I am the same way! It’s criminal…I have added a few blogs into the mix so at least I’m actually learning/reading something of value – like your post here 🙂

    • http://www.annaandkristina.com/ Kristina

      I totally agree Donna. Blogs seem legitimate use of time for some reason! I liken them to reading the newspaper!

  • Donna

    I just did the internet addiction quiz and I got ‘average user’ at 46 out of 100 – not bad – but I was frustrated when I couldn’t share my results on FB for people to ‘like’ (j/k)

  • mike simpson

    How about replying to blogs with witty , well thought of banter , kudos’s all round for jobs well done , replies to thoughts and requests from said blogs , likes from fellow repliers and after all that get DICK! in return …… Well I guess the best thing is I do not find it at all the very least important . And likely a two way street .
    You guy’s are not just “liked” your loved ! And not in a creepy way but a truly sincere one . You have a truly charming and thoughtful way you present your tv shows and personally , I believe them to be the best on over reality (scripted) inspired television .
    So do that . Something original and dare I say it , Canadian .
    Like you always do . .

    • http://www.annaandkristina.com/ Kristina

      Thanks for your comments Mike

  • http://kitchenhealssoul.blogspot.com/ Janice (@Kitchen Heals Soul)

    I totally agree with you. Social media is both a blessing and a curse. As a food blogger, I used to use Twitter as research because it gave me quick glimpses of what others in my field were posting, so I used to feel like it was a great tool. Lately though, I find it’s so fake. I feel terribly inadequate when I watch all the opportunities that others are bragging about, and there are a lot of clicks and “cool kids” that don’t play nice, or don’t interact with the rest of us because we aren’t cool enough to them. It’s changed.
    I find blogging has changed a lot too. People don’t comment on posts any more. I find it really hard to start a conversation, and now on the facebook page for my blog, I’ve given up. I just post what I’m blogging about and that’s it because most of the time, when I try to do more than that, it fails miserably. Kinda sad.
    Oh and did you see that cartoon-ish post that went viral about gereration Y, unicorns, rainbows, and facebook? It was quite the eye opener for me. If you didn’t, I will search it out and send it to you 🙂

    • http://www.annaandkristina.com/ Kristina

      I haven’t seen it, please do forward!