Sporty Chic Girls, Our Time is Now

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My sporting activities of choice are skiing and tennis. I also spend time at the gym, I run and I hike. All good forms of exercise, indeed. But you know what else those sports have in common? Great clothes.

For as long as I can remember being a clothes horse (which is forever), I have always been drawn to activities that come with a good outfit. (There was a time I considered being a lawyer, I think in part so I could wear power suits). And I have always loved anything that has a hood or a stripe. There is no better time to be a sporty spice than right now.

Lululemon may have brought us some of our first stylish choices for the gym, but now there is a multitude of choice that translates to downright cool. LIJA, Stella McCartney for Adidas and Y3 are a few of my favourite labels to work into my everyday look. Brands that are rooted in athletic gear are becoming street ware and the reverse is true as we see the merging of sports apparel with the everyday. Every designer from Isabel Marant to Michael Kors to Karl Lagerfeld to JCrew is getting into the “leisure wear” market. Online powerhouse retailer Net-a-porter recently launched Net-a-SPorter.

President and Creative Director of LIJA Linda Hipp says, “It has never been more appropriate to integrate “athleisure” apparel into your everyday wardrobe. The global surge of a healthy and active lifestyle has created an acceptance for a more casual look not only for dinners or weekends but even for the office.”

To work this look into your closet, there are 5 key pieces to put on your wish list:

The Bomber Jacket – wear it over a dress. Perfectly suitable for the office.



The Sweatshirt – It’s gone ultra luxe, with everything from beading to leather images-3piping to a lace fringe this will become your favourite go to piece. Wear it over a pencil skirt…or just about anything! Wear it with heels. It’s the mix of dress up and laid back that makes it the perfect piece. Brands that do it particularly well are Wildfox, Kenzo, Clu and Helmut Lang.




The Running Shoe – or “kicks” as they’re known. Like the black heels on the other side of your closet, one pair is not nearly enough. Platform, low key or bold colour combinations are all up for consideration. Check out Isabel Marant, Nike, Valentino, Vans and Y3 brands.






The Backpack – This one takes me right back to high school. But this time I finally feel cool! Go for something leather for a more grown up look.


The Track Pant – The modern version is still slouchy but cut much narrower images-5than the classic version. And fabrics are finer than the thick, hip widening cotton of years gone by. Wear them with heels  and a tailored jacket for a relaxed yet cocktail party ready look and leave the Spanx at home.








One sport I dabbled in but have not revisited for awhile is road biking. It was fun and great to do with friends, but now my bike is collecting dust in the garage. The clothes are just too hideous for words.


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