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I’m always on the lookout for a new fitness class to add to my regime. While I like my gym time, I crave variety. Recently I tried a new type of workout at Kondi Fitness in Vancouver. A bit like a circuit class, the Combo class includes a number of workout styles all mixed into one hour.

One component of it was Kondi Callanetics.  Callanetics has been around for a few decades.  It’s a non-impact form of exercise that uses small movements to work the muscles.  Lacey Kondi, the founder of this program, takes some Callanetics-type movements, mixes in some Pilates, and throws in a dash of basic strength training to create her own type of workout.  

The second part of the Combo class was cardio spurts, which was pretty straightforward.  You can choose to do a few fast minutes on the treadmill or skip. I mixed it up and did a bit of each.

The final component, which took up quite a large portion of the hour, was using the TRX. The TRX “machine” is made up of two adjustable straps that are suspended from the ceiling or an overhead bar.  You hold the straps (or tuck your feet into them) and do a variety of movements, using your own body weight and gravity to build strength.  It’s also known as suspension training.  Developed by a Navy SEAL, the TRX can be pretty challenging and does a good job of working the core, arms and legs.

While I’ve done similar moves in other classes, all three types of exercise mixed together made the hour go by quickly.  Always a bonus.  The class wasn’t killer difficult, but if you are new to the fitness game, it would definitely be challenging.

Next time, I’m going to try a HIIT class, which includes even more cardio.  If you’re not in the Vancouver area, you can always try to the workout at home via Kondi’s web videos. Check out www.kondicallanetics.com.

Got a new type of workout to recommend? I’d love to hear about it!  


[Image via Lean It Up]


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