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For most guys, fashion sense means wearing a suit and tie for work, and jeans and a t-shirt for play. But men's wardrobe options go much beyond those standard (read: boring) uniforms, so we've collected some tips from menswear experts. There are some small and easy ways to punch up your look. (And remember, guys: "style" is not a bad word!)

Paul Marlow, menswear designer at New York-based Loden Dager Collective, says men’s fashion is not so rigid anymore. Men now have the leeway to play with colours and accessories, to dress up a little or a lot. But everyone has a comfort zone, so don’t rush into a big change.

He also says men tend to get stuck in a rut. They find something that’s comfortable, that works, and never do anything different. Why would you change if it’s working? Well, he finds that boring. (And so do we!)

Paul says men should keep these two ideas in mind when looking for clothes:

  • Embrace color.

  • Be comfortable.

And here are some tips on wardrobe items from a few more experts we’ve spoken to:


  • Shoes are important; you can do a lot with a pair of shoes. You can dress up anything. (Paul Marlow, Loden Dager Collective)

  • Socks are a good way to play with colour. They don’t have to match anything. You match your belt with your shoes and then you get that little peek of color between your pants and your shoes. It’s great. (Paul Marlow, Loden Dager Collective)


  • Tall, thin men look best in narrow-brimmed hats.

  • Full-brimmed hats need broad shoulders to balance them out.


  • It’s very chic to have a little adornment, but always very discreetly. Never too big. (Amedeo Scognamiglio, Jewelry Designer)

  • It’s all about cufflinks, and maybe a little chain. No more than that. (Roberto Faraone Mennella, Jewelry Designer)

  • Smaller jewelry looks best on men. Something that’s not too big, not too showy. He can wear it inside his shirt for the first little while. Before long he’ll be comfortable with it. (Danielle Wilmore, Pyrrha Designs)

  • To ease into jewelry, consider an organic material, like a leather bracelet.

  • And a watch is often a good bet because it’s a piece with a purpose.

  • Accessories can really pump up an outfit. A watch is a very big itemfor a guy. It’s like the equivalent of a woman’s handbag. (Dean Khial,VP of Kitson LA)



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