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Belts are big this days. And small, and shiny, and colourful, and everything in-between! And if you think you're not a belt girl, think again, we find out more about belts and talk to style expert Giovanni Amenta, who converted us all into "beltastic" babes.

The Basics

Belts can go a long way to adding polish to your look. And there are many ways belts can help make you look slimmer, no matter what your body shape!

Wide Variety

First, lets get to know the different styles of belts available these days:

  • Jeweled belts: embellished with stones, metal details, clips and rivets and can be worn with casual to evening outfits. Be careful not to go with too much bling. Often the only accessory you need is one of these flashy belts.

  • Fabric belts: made from a variety of material, including satin, suede, velvet and silk. Some also have bead or sequin accents. You can experiment with knots and other buckles.

  • Thin belts: very trendy and go with just about anything. They look terrific worn over sweaters, jackets, or t-shirts.

  • Wide belts: often in leather or leather and fabric combinations, wide belts go great with a variety of looks.

  • Classic belts: the most versatile, these belts are usually between 1 and 2 inches wide and use clean, sophisticated lines and styles. Always reliable, both to keep your pants up, and to help re-invent your wardrobe.

Get Creative

  • Out of the loop? That’s ok! Try wearing a belt slightly below your pants’ natural waist, or up around the thinnest part of your torso.

  • Buckles don’t have to be front and centre. Try offsetting them to the side for a sassy, interesting accent.

  • Wearing neutrals? Pump up your style with an eye-catching belt in colour or metallic.

  • Shape up an oversize cardigan, sweater, or baggy dress with a belt at your natural waist.

  • A big trend on the runway this season is to wear a long top or tunic top belted, with a maxi skirt.

 Belt Your Body Type

Think you’re not a belt person? Think again! Our style expert Giovanni Amenta says everyone is a belt person; you just have to learn how to wear them to flatter your figure. 

If you’re:

  • Tall: think about scale. Wider belts with bigger details (buckle, patter) and stronger colours will work well for you.

  • Short: also think about scale. Stick to medium or narrow belts with small buckles to match your size proportions.

  • Pear-shaped: wear a wider belt at your natural waistline at your torso’s thinnest in order to draw attention to that area.

  • Apple-shaped: wear a wider belt at your hips to help balance out your top half. Also play with asymmetry, placing one side lower than the other. You can also place it empire style beneath the bust to de-emphasize your tummy.

  • Rectangular-shaped (or sporty): try contrasting-coloured skinny belts at your thinnest part to create the illusion of curves.

  • Hourglass-shaped: try a wide belt around your natural waist to balance and enhance your curves.

  • Skinny-framed: avoid wide or heavy styles of belts and stick to medium or thin to keep in proportion with your body type.

  • Short-waisted (long legs): avoid cutting your torso in half by wearing belt colours in similar shades to the rest of your outfit. Stick to medium- and narrow-width belts.

  • Long-waisted (short legs): wear wider belts in bold colours to create a strong shape and break up the length of your mid-section.

Now go forward and belt-ify, Shopping Bags!


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