fall fashion

The Dickie and Other Fall Fashion Flops

As all of my friends know (as do the folks at Visa), I love clothes. BIGTIME love. Others who share the passion (or disease depending on how you look at it) know of what I speak. I covet quality and beautiful fabric. I like to be well put together and I appreciate it when others make a similar effort. Unfortunately I'm not sure I'll be doing much shopping come fall. — Read More —

What To Buy Now

It can be most frustrating time to shop. The sun’s ablazing but fall merchandise is already taking over the shelves. Who's ready to go there yet? Not me! — Read More —

Take a Walk in My Shoes

If there’s one item most of us ladies love, it’s a gorgeous pair of shoes. They don’t have to be jewel encrusted to get my pulse racing. Even a snazzy sneaker can do the trick. Now that we’ve put away flip-flops and sandals, it’s time to think fall footwear. Here are the five pairs of shoes I think every woman should own. — Read More —