What To Buy Now

It can be most frustrating time to shop. The sun’s ablazing but fall merchandise is already taking over the shelves. Who's ready to go there yet? Not me! — Read More —

Banishing Grey Days

I get my hair coloured every three to four weeks. Talk about high maintenance. The reason is that it needs to be this exact perfect shade of golden brown at all times. No, that's not true. Sigh. Okay, fine. It's because... because... I'm going quite grey! — Read More —

Grey Days

Even though the skies are still bright and sunny, a grey cloud hangs in my closet as I realize I've been indulging a new fetish lately... — Read More —

Grey Hair Root Colour Touch-Up products

By the time most of us reach 50, over half our head is covered in grey hair. Colouring products and services are big business, but do they all work as promised? We test out three temporary root touch-up products that tout convenience and coverage to see if they really work as a quick fix between colourings. — Read More —