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If there’s one item most of us ladies love, it’s a gorgeous pair of shoes. They don’t have to be jewel encrusted to get my pulse racing. Even a snazzy sneaker can do the trick. Now that we’ve put away flip-flops and sandals, it’s time to think fall footwear. Here are the five pairs of shoes I think every woman should own.

The sneaker

I’m not talking about the kind you wear to the gym, though of course, you’ll need those too.  I’m a converse/superga gal myself. I love wearing them with some skinny jeans and a leather jacket.  They’re comfortable and cool.  If you want to be super on trend, check out the high top wedge sneaker (I like these by Ash).


The flat

My go-to is a ballet flat and I have them in a few colours like black, tan and red.  This season I also love a pointy toe, as it adds more edge.  I like these patent ones from J Crew.  You may want to get a Toppee put on your ballet flats, they often come with a very thin sole.

photo 2

The day bootie

This is the shoe I wear more than any other, given the temperature and Vancouver’s climate.  What defines a day bootie? One you can actually spend the day running around in.  This season, a Western inspired bootie with a block heel feels current.  (When shopping, I like to try them on with tights and skirts to make sure the top opening doesn’t gape too much.) 


The pointy toe pump

A single sole (meaning not a platform) pointy toe pump goes with pants, skirts or dresses. Black is basic, but I think a nude pump is more current and actually goes with more things. Plus, it’s great for elongating your legs.


The rain boot

Here on the west coast, a rubber boot is a must. I like them to come up high, so I can walk through puddles with abandon.  Hunter makes stylish ones but you’ll find them at many price points.


The Extras

Once you have those five essentials, it’s time to expand. Here are a five more to pad out that fall/winter shoe closet.

The high boot

By high I’m not referring to heel height, but how high I goes up your leg.  Whether it’s a riding boot style or moto-inspired, I like to pair this boot with skinny jeans or leggings and a big sweater.  They keep you warm and help balance out the derriere.


The night bootie

Here’s where you can go all out. The night bootie has a wicked heel, and perhaps some other detailing to make it stand out. I bought these mesh ones last season for a steal.  I pair them with skirts and dresses.


The brogue

This masculine-inspired style that isn’t for everyone. But I sometimes like a brogue instead of a ballet flat in winter, simply because it provides a bit more protection from the elements. Wear with a good dollop of lip-gloss to remind them you’re not one of the boys.


The snow boot

I’ve had the same pair for about 12 years now, which tells you something about how much it snows around here.  In other climes (and on ski vacations), this is a must-have. I look for a small built in wedge with good traction and faux fur detailing for fun.


The evening shoe

This one is last on my list for a reason.  I think you can get away with a pointy toe pump or even the night bootie.  But if you find a fab pair on sale, nab them.  (You never know when you’ll be invited to some dressy affair.) Black, silver or gold are good bets.  




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  • Catherine Bent

    I love shoes but have narrow feet – hard to get these days. I love trips to Toronto to shop at Harry Young shoes for those AA fittings.

    • http://www.annaandkristina.com/ Kristina

      Good to know where to get them. I know people with large feet have even a tougher time!

      • Catherine Bent

        Sadly just found out Harry Young Shoes in Toronto is closing.

  • Lisa @bitesforbabies

    I was just thinking about getting a pair of Hunter’s the other day…but I’m not a “rain boot” type of gal! I need more time to convince myself to buy them!!! 😉