The Best Day of the Year

Friday, 3 October 2014 | Tags: , , , ,

Halloween is just around the corner. It really is the perfect holiday. (It's not actually a holiday. But it should be.) You get to eat candy, you get to be whomever you want to be, you don't have to spend money on presents for people you hardly see or even like and there are no awkward family dynamics to deal with, because you don't have to spend time together if you don't want to. What's not to love?

As Halloween falls on a Friday this year, I’ve decided to join the festivities and play dress up. A few years ago I stopped taking part in the whole costume thing, mostly because Halloween was falling midweek and the parties were either several days before or after the fact. It seems ridiculous to dress up on any day other than October 31st.

I’ve had some funny costumes over the years and if it’s one thing I’ve learned, comfort is key. You have to consider whether you’ll be standing for a long time, whether you’ll be in a crowded hot room and whether you’ll need a coat. Where are you going to carry your phone? And trust me, there is a way to be comfortable and still look cute. The overly skimpy Halloween costume is passé and oh so predictable.

One of the best getups ever was the year a group of us went as private school students. Sensible shoes, a plaid mini skirt, blazer, white shirt and knee high socks.


Then there was the year we decided to be Platinum Blonde. You can always make a bigger impact when you go as a group.


Another favourite is when Kristina and I dressed up as aerobics instructors, circa 1984 complete with spandex and high top runners. This was the most comfortable get up ever. All of these costumes are in my tickle trunk ready to be brought back to life at a moment’s notice.


My favourite of all time was the year my friends and I decided to show up as our alter egos. It’s hilarious to see how people see their inner selves! I was Annie Oakley – the greatest cowgirl that ever lived (photo above), Kristina was a Hot Blonde. Another friend came as Anna Wintour (fashion powerhouse) and still someone else came as a Cub Scout. I still haven’t figured that one out.

In all of these cases we visited second hand shops and scoured our own closets to create our own costume. Growing up my parents never bought a costume the way people do now and in fact the creative interpretation was a big part of the fun. I challenge you to do the same this year, whether it’s for yourself or with your kids.

We’re all looking for costume ideas so please send us yours, if you’re willing! And feel free to take from my old favourites and lessons learned. I expect this year we’ll see lots of Frozen Elsa’s and Walter Whites.

The other reason Halloween is the best day of the year? It’s my birthday!



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  • Tim Edwards

    Have to say you look super cute in your cowgirl outfit.

  • Tony

    Surely 1994 ?

  • Tony

    Sorry,my mistake. The instructors are ca.1984,a la Jane Fonda. Get it now.

  • Lindsay

    Happy (early) birthday, Anna! Love the idea of an alter egos costume party!

  • Isaac

    Halloween is huge is huge in my house, Christmas takes a back seat to this day!