The Best of Gluten Free 2015

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One third of Canadians are reaching for gluten free products, with the global gluten-free market expected to reach $6.2 billion by 2018.

Much has been written about whether this is just the latest food trend, whether eating gf is healthy and if gluten-free will make you lose or gain weight.  I’ll leave that for others to hash out.

But the “trend” is clearly growing.  With so many more mouths to feed, the number of gluten-free products available today have increased dramatically.  Many of my favourites from last year’s list have not been usurped. But sometimes a girl needs variety.  With that in mind, here are some the new staples on my grocery list.



The name of Happy Camper’s Stompin’ Good Seedy Buckwheat Molasses bread really kind of says it all.  This is real food – dense, nutty and full-flavoured.  A welcome change from some gluten-free breads that can taste either like air (i.e. nothing) or are overly dense with a baking soda-eque aftertaste.  Mmmm, happy camper indeed.



Glutino’s Rosemary & Olive Oil crackers are dangerous, in that “can’t have just one” way that reminds me of chips.  I usually have them on their own, as a snack, as opposed to as a vehicle for cheese or another topping.  I’ve tried a few of the other flavours in this line and but these are my favourite.



Sweet Revival (sesame and dates), Protein Pleasure (peanut butter and chocolate chip) and Sweet Rejuvenation (cashew butter) are my fave flaves of gomacro’s delicious energy bars.  Moist and kind of gooey, I like to keep them stashed in the car or in my carry-on in case of grumbly tummy emergencies.  They’re vegan and macrobiotic, plus I like what the company stands for. (One note, they’re not cheap. I like to stock up if I ever spot them on sale.)



Mary hit it out of the park with her crackers but I’m digging her ginger snap cookies as well.  (And yes, there is a Mary.) Crisp but not dry with plenty of gingery flavour, the non-gfers at my house are raiding this cookie jar even after I’ve expressly stated that those are mine! I’ve also tried Mary’s chocolate chip cookies, but I don’t think they’re as good.


rice pasta and cheddar-1


There are days when nothing hits the spot like Kraft dinner. (Usually rainy, hung- over days.) While nothing can replace the real thing, Trader Joe’s Rice Pasta and Cheddar is a decent second.  In fact, the powdered cheese included here tastes more like real cheddar. (But then again, I think gluten-free bread tastes good.) One recommendation, cook the pasta a bit longer than the instructions on the package suggest.

I’m always looking for gluten-free treats, with a decent chocolate chip cookie still escaping my grasp. (If you’re in Vancouver, try Tractor‘s double chocolate pistachio pecan gluten-free cookies. OMG!!!) If you have any recommendations, please pass them along.



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  • Laura Costas

    Pamela’s Baking and Pancake Mix is absolutely delicious and you cannot tell it is gluten free. I make pancakes and banana bread with it. The pancakes turn out light and fluffy, not heavy like some gluten free items turn out. No grainy texture or funny aftertaste. Just yumminess. They sell it at Choices Market and Stong’s Market 🙂

    • Kristina

      Thanks Laura. I actually made GF pancakes from scratch the other day, had a huge hankering! They were delicious. But it’s always good to have a mix stashed in the pantry too.