The Butt Bra

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Are you bummed about your backside? With an emphasis on shapely curves these days, you may think your bum is flat or saggy, or you just plain don't like the way it looks. When we heard about a fanny-boosting shapewear product, the Butt Bra, we had to give it a whirl. Will it give you a perky, round, voluptuous derrière as promised? We find out.

Product Overview

Bubbles Bodywear, creators of various shapewear products, claims their Booty Bra can “take your gluteus to the maximus” without adding extra padding.  Worn beneath clothing, the Butt Bra is said to work your assets by re-sculpting the flesh of your behind and giving the illusion of a little more bump in your rump.

Called the “Double-O” line of bum lifters and booty bras, the product is based on typical shapewear styles (panties, briefs, bodysuits, and even boxers) with two round circles cut out in the “cheek” area. The theory is that the pantie will hold your bottom and mold your natural assets into bulbous bubbles of beauty.


We recruited a team of women to help us with our cheeky test of the Booty Bra, and a team of men to judge the results. The ladies paraded across a dance floor first in their natural state, and then again wearing the Booty Bra under their clothes.

Bubble Booty Test:

The women said:

  • I feel like I’m walking around in a rodeo wearing chaps.

  • They’re comfortable, but need a little getting used to.

The men said:

  • You can see more definition between the bottom of the bum and the top of the legs. (That’s a good thing.)

  • Definitely more curvature to the bum with the product on.

Does the Butt Bra get the A&K Stamp of Approval?

The majority of the men said the butt looked better when the product was on. When we did a final before-and-after comparison, only two of our testers (out of 8) had noticeably rounder and fuller behinds, while the rest were more subtly curvaceous, if at all.

When we asked our testers and judges if they thought the product was worth it, only one of our booty-full testers gave it a thumbs up. She said that she liked the way it held in her front and outer hip area, and we definitely agreed she got good lift. If you’re bum-challenged, it may be worth a try, but we don’t think everyone gets the same results.


The Butt Bra is available online from Bubbles Bodywear.



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