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Many food lovers pride themselves on knowing how to order well off a fancy restaurant's menu. They know the difference between Wagyu and Kobe beef and they only order the best. Or at least they think they do.

Little do they (we) know that, according to a new book from author Larry Olmsted, more often then not we’re eating something altogether different from what we ordered.

Real Food Fake Food: Why You Don’t Know What You’re Eating and What You Can Do About It pulls the cover off what restaurants are really serving us. That white tuna at your favourite sushi joint? Olmsted claims that unless you’re eating at world class sushi restaurants, it’s probably escolar, which isn’t tuna at all. And that red snapper is never really red snapper.

From high end to fast casual, Olmsted tells us it isn’t only happening at restaurants, but also at the super market. That “extra virgin” olive oil? You really should read the label because many have been cut with soybean oil and they’re almost all full of chemicals. When I read about the parmesan cheese racket, it made my blood boil.

Put this fascinating and revealing read at the top of your summer book list and take charge of what you’re eating.



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  • BrainofMorbius

    I have had this issue with red snapper (one of my all time favorite types of fish). Discovered that even fish that looks exactly like red snapper in grocery stores may be some weird frankenfish in some cases.
    I will get this book and thoroughly depress myself further at how I have been hoodwinked by the food industry. Thanks for pointing it out Anna. ?