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Don't forget to watch our one hour special this Sunday, January 19th on W Network! It's called "Anna & Kristina: COOKED". The show spun out of an idea we had for a new series in which we leave our cookbooks behind and go around the world learning to cook local food from the locals. Sounds fun and easy, right?

In this one-hour special we head to rural Oaxaca, Mexico, to learn all we can about traditional dishes like mole, which is something that has always stumped me.  Bring on the mescal.  To pay our way we promised to throw a party for a local girl who really needed one.  Except this is when it stopped being easy.  Or fun.  Now that it’s over all I can say is, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  There were tears and not everyone got out alive. But you will need to watch for yourselves to fill in the gaps.

As a home cook, I was reminded of a very important lesson on this trip.  It’s that no cookbook can truly teach you how to cook.  For that you need to learn to think for yourself in the kitchen.  And you can’t think for yourself if all you do is follow someone else’s rules.  It’s a great idea to take some classes to learn technique, but then you’ve got to spend time in the kitchen experimenting.  Start with a simple dish.  Say, scrambled eggs.  Then cook it different ways to see how it changes.  Make it with butter, then make it with oil to see the difference in the final result.  Make it with cream and then none at all.  Add extras like truffle oil, diced peppers, sausages or cheese. Before you know it you’ll have created your own recipe.

To be clear, I am a lover of cookbooks.  (And who knows, I might even write one myself.)  One of my favourite pastimes is to follow someone else’s recipe to the letter the first time, then make it again and again, improvising with different techniques and mixing up the flavours to create my own way of doing it.  It’s empowering, creative and as long as there are no TV cameras around or some big time chef waiting to be served, and no one cares if I screw it all up, it is meditative.

Depending on what you think of the show, you may or may not want my recipe for mole. But I’m happy to share it if you do.  Now don’t forget to watch!  And let us know what you think.

photo 1 Cooked-Tortillas-1 Cooked-Kitchen-1 

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  • Karen Monaghan

    Hi Guys. So glad I have something new of yours to watch . There are only so many repeats one can watch. Love you guys, love watching the interaction between each of you and the camera. From your pic, doesn’t look like it was too warm in Mexico. I have marked your show on the calendar.
    Karen, Oliver, British Columbia.

  • mike simpson

    Thank Cripes !!! A new episode , what’s going on with “Season 5” ? Is the big “O” not renewing ? Heard you guy’s were taken of the air in the states ?
    Well F#%K em’ and her (pretentious , arrogant , self serving , sol obeisant , life class horse puck spewing , narcissist). Or are you guy’s just getting tired ? I know you guys work hard so I guess I can understand .
    Your shows are the only time I have used “reminder timers” or even spent any time on that network .
    Hope I’m way off base here .
    Reality Television and Lifestyle programming should be just that , what you guy’s do in your shows , Real and Lifelike . With smoke alarms .

  • Tim Edwards

    Sounds like a show I wish I could watch. Hopefully your shows will be avaiabile to watch in the US sometime soon. Bad news for me because to save money I’m switching my TV provider and the old one wants their DVR back and thats where all your shows are on that I recorded when you were on in the US. So I won’t be able to watch them anymore. 🙁

  • G.P Humber

    I love you guys!!! I have this new show set to PVR already – wor through all your shopping and grocery bag shows!. Please consider coming to places where you cook with other “besties” – my BFF lives in NS and is the daughter of a lobster fisherman…….c’mon that is fun with a capital Lobster claw 🙂 keep doing what you do – LOVE IT! And hope you want to come visit either Kingston or Halifax soon. PS – OWN better keep you guys.

  • Sandra Wilkie

    I have missed the two of you, and have watched all of your re-runs at least twice. Imagine my surprise when I queried The Shopping Bags today,as I have been thinking of doing it for quite awhile now, and saw there is a new show airing on January 19th! It must be serendipity! I will be tuning in for sure, and welcome back!

  • phil

    perhaps you can now ‘own’ your destiny

  • jennifer ryerse jones

    watch every single show every/any time its on! never gets old! can’t wait for new show tomorrow.

  • Doug Morgan

    I love your shows and am looking forward to the launch of your new project. I can hardly wait until tonight!

  • kebo

    Just saw the new show. Loved it! Keep up the great work!

  • http://www.annaandkristina.com/ Kristina

    Thank you all who tuned into the show. We appreciate your feedback and glad you enjoyed it!

    • mike simpson

      Well I guess Anna Dodged that one , Your new show is awesome except the “goat moment” where you cry , Felt bad .
      But seriously there’s a gap in travel and food shows that I think you guy’s could fill effortlessly .
      Andy’s a bit creepy .
      Tony got all political while fulfilling dreams of at least getting to these countries .
      USA of bacon ?
      Take totally shielded and highest of the highest brow women , from their respective homes (you’ll never own) and place them in perspective locations where they learn how to cook food that has fed generations of people without the knowledge of any other influences .
      Writes itself .
      Just saying .

  • Fay

    I am just watching your new show which I pvr’d. It’s great! Good for you. Is this a series of just this one show? I haven’t been able to find any information about future shows. Keep up the good work.

    • Anna

      Hi Fay….it was just a one hour special. No more episodes. But so glad you enjoyed it!!!

  • pastapuss

    I missed the show is it going to air again soon??

    • Anna

      Not sure but they usually run these things many times over so check local listings and maybe send an inquiry to wnetwork.com. Thanks for making the effort to tune in!

  • NurseSamWill

    Loved it! I enjoy all of your shows. Looking forward to more!

  • Jimin Hong-Noden

    Just watched your show. I have never had mole but it is definitely something I need to try(I mean eat, not make – LOL) . And Anna, your sincere and very heartfelt moment protecting and addressing your translator’s embarrassment was awesome. With so much class, you didn’t say ANYTHING, but your face said it all. You put that very disrespectful man in his place. Its a real lesson that sometimes words are not necessary. Let the moment in the space play out and let an old man learn a big lesson on who NOT to mess with. Good on you.

  • Trish

    Love, Love, LOVE the new show! Thank you for sharing!!!

  • Patricia Morris

    Loved your show! I have Mexican friends…Nuff said.
    Looking for the next one. When is the next one?

  • Pam Leiper

    Just saw “Cooked” for the first time and LOVED it. I join the rest of you who have watched your Grocery Bags shows several times. I hope you have enough energy to continue this Cooked series. Great concept. Keep going!

    • http://www.annaandkristina.com/ Kristina

      Thanks Pam!

  • Jennifer Taylor

    this is the absolute best work you have EVER done. I have gone to Kenya many times and cooked with local women. I know the challenges and I admire your ability to step up and do what needed to be done. You guys simply rock. More, more!

    • Anna Wallner

      Thanks Jennifer! Glad you enjoyed the show. Kenya….that would be fun!