Three more crime dramas to watch on Netflix

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As another self admitted Netflix junkie, I thought I would add to Kristina's excellent list from earlier this week. Crime shows are my favourite genre - the darker and more sick and twisted the better.



American Crime

It’s a clever concept as each season stands alone with a unique storyline but with many of the same actors returning in different roles. In season one Felicity Huffman plays a mother who refuses to see the truth in the aftermath of her son’s murder, while in season two she returns as a manipulative school headmaster. The powerhouse cast demonstrates just how broad their range is as actors. Thankfully the multiple Emmy nominated series has been renewed for season three. Last night I stayed up til the wee hours as I binged my way through five episodes in a row!


Top of the Lake

This spooky series set in a remote New Zealand town follows an inexperienced detective (Elizabeth Moss) who is investigating the disappearance of a 12 year old girl, Tui, who happens to be five months pregnant. The last we see of her is standing in a freezing cold lake. How’s that for a sick and twisted start. Top of the Lake is classic BBC mixed with a little Masterpiece Theatre.


Lie to Me

I’ll watch anything that stars Tim Roth. In this series his character, Dr. Cal Lightman, heads an agency that solves crimes by reading people’s faces and body language. I thought the concept sounded a bit cornball until I found out it’s based on the work of a real live scientist. If you liked The Mentalist you’ll love this procedural crime series.

A new series called Scream Queens just landed in my inbox, so I’ll be tuning into that one next.

Happy weekend everyone!

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  • MargeB

    I have a couple to add to your list Anna! If you like dark & twisted, you’ll love “The Killing”. My husband & I just finished watching it, and we loved it! Great strong female lead, lots of twists & managed to surprise us at the end of each of the 3 cases they cover.
    “Broadchurch” is another, similar in style, starring David Tennant. We had just watched him in Doctor Who (my daughter made us watch it lol) and I wanted to see what he was like in a different role. Was he ever different! Both shows dig into the lives of everyone involved – the victim’s family, the suspects, the police. Everyone has secrets, and nobody is left unscathed.
    I actually am taking a break from Broadchurch because, even though I love it, it’s so intense! We took a few breaks from The Killing too, watching some more lighthearted fare. But I’m sure I will finish it soon, hope you like my suggestions.